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ABOUT US (or the “Company”) was established in 1988. The Company is one of the oldest and most successful online directory companies. Over the years, our technologies and systems were developed to help hundreds of large companies like Terra/Lycos, IDT, Mindspring, Earthlink, Net Zero, and even giants like Dell, Hewlett Packard, IBM, Intel and thousands of others.


Today, however, the Company’s sophisticated technologies and Internet experiences that were once available only to large corporations are readily available to businesses both large and small. Businesses all over the world are spending billions of dollars marketing their products and services in an effort to acquire new customers, and billions more trying to keep their existing customers. In 2008, $294 billion was spent on advertising in the U.S., with $95 billion spent on local advertising alone!

Traditional advertising works less and less every day. Why?


Consumers are inundated with advertising: 95% of it is not even seen

When seen, customers are not ready to buy

When customers are ready to buy, they don't trust the message

All of it requires a business to pay first, then hope for results


Unfortunately, results for traditional advertising are decreasing dramatically, while the cost is going up even MORE so! What this means is that, right now, 26 million U.S. businesses are desperately looking for a more effective way to spend their billions.

However, right now, something even BIGGER is also happening: the $294 billion advertising industry is merging with the $866 billion information technology industry creating...


A $Trillion Industry

We Call The “Consumer Revolution”

Business owners already know their future is online, and yet they have no idea how to harness the Internet’s awesome power to acquire and retain customers. Tomorrow’s business owners will need to use an entire spectrum of tools -- websites, directories, search engines, social networks, press releases, real time news feeds, reviews, videos, texts, coupons and more -- to not only stay ahead of the competition, but to simply survive.


Fortunately, has tomorrow's tools and technologies today, and savvy business owners who participate early will not only be able to survive, but thrive in the Consumer Revolution. The online ad network is extensive, ranging from many of the popular destination websites and top search engines, to the social communities online today.’s combined Ad Network has a reach encompassing over one million of the most recognized websites and communities on the Internet today.

Being part of the Superior Business Network means being part of an elite group of businesses, social networks and websites combined and entwined, all connecting millions of advertisers and customers together as an integrated whole.


A key advantage offers is that local businesses can improve their search engine results. Our proprietary Pre Optimized Profile Page (POPP) technology is designed to automatically optimize and submit a business’ information so that it can be organically found by consumers on the Internet. The profile page is pre-embedded and constantly updated with sophisticated algorithms and keywords that place the profile page on over 200 of the top search engines. Also, consumers just like you will be able to write a review about their experience with the business. These reviews will be posted on the business’ POPP for consumers to read. However, a key distinction from other website reviews is that allows the business owner to respond to reviews whenever they feel it is appropriate to do so. Now the business owner can monitor what their customers are saying about their business, and respond to them.


Here's How It Works...

Consumers just like you "Critics" -- refer in only the businesses they personally know to be superior. Those businesses are then contacted by "Certified Critics" who personally provide the business owner with all the tools necessary to take full advantage of the coming Consumer Revolution.


When any referred business participates in program, the referring Critic, along with all the certified Associates responsible for introducing that Critic to, will get paid month after month for as long as that business participates.


This concept is not new. We all refer great businesses to friends and family every day by simply practicing...


"Word Of Mouth"

Every business knows "word of mouth" is superior to advertising, but until now there hasn't been an efficient way for superior businesses to organize and harness its true power.


NOW, with's revolutionary system, you, as a Critic, get paid for referring superior businesses to a vast network of consumers. From search engines, to social networks and blogs, to mobile applications,'s proprietary system reaches consumers when they are ready to buy. Detailed profiles and reviews from past customers give new customers more and better information to confidently make informed buying decisions.


As beneficiaries of this process, superior businesses enjoy the rewards of word of mouth like never before, and you get paid month after month for your superior business recommendations! This incredible system, an integral part of, is called Referral Networking, and as you might expect, it works for the businesses, it works for consumers, and it can work for you.


Because of this impending trend, businesses will need to understand and embrace all kinds of new technologies if they not only want to stay ahead of the competition, but also to simply survive. With this in mind, has developed a patent pending system that allows you to make serious residual income, while simultaneously helping your favorite businesses thrive in the Consumer Revolution. founders have significant experience in the traditional (printed) yellow page industry, as well as significant experience in the online yellow page industry.


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