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14850 Courage Dr
Woodbridge, VA,22193


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COMFORTECH INC is located in Woodbridge, VA


COMFORTECH INC has not updated this section.


COMFORTECH INC can be reached at 703‑670‑5746

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COMFORTECH INC Don't use this clown
by Never use in SPRINGFIELD, VA

RUDE lies about showing up. Claims he was on his way then wanted to be paid for the trip even though he never show up. Tells lies and can not keep up with his own lies gets caught then gets mad, Bad temper. Mental problems tried to punch me because he did not get what he wanted.

COMFORTECH INC Horrible Customer Service
by Ashley808 in WOODBRIDGE, VA

The most rude and disrespectful customer service we've ever experienced. Twice a technician failed to show up at the appointed time, and the company never informed us. We had to contact them, and they never even apologized for the missed appointments, when both times it was their responsibility. When the owner finally showed up at our house, my wife politely asked him to remove his shoes, or to put covers on his shoes. He absolutely refused to abide by our ethnic tradition to remove his shoes or cover them, and proceeded to rudely question my wife. When she dismissed him from the property, the owner yelled at my wife and said, "Get out of here" to her on our own property. Customer service such as this, should not be tolerated by a company. They should train the staff, starting with the owner, on customer service. They acted like they were doing us a favor by fixing our A/C unit. Furthermore, they should trai

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