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5560 Fm 1640 Rd
Richmond, TX,77469


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US POST OFFICE is located in Richmond, TX


US POST OFFICE has not updated this section.


US POST OFFICE can be reached at 281‑633‑0386

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US POST OFFICE Typical goverment customer service
by Jayrock8923 in RICHMOND, TX

I have let the phone ring for 10 min straight on 2 occasions and no one will answer. This post office is 10 miles from my home and I hate to drive there just to find they can't help. i need a mailbox rekeyed.

US POST OFFICE Mr Hughes has no Customer Service!!!
by krazykaren in RICHMOND, TX

Mr. Hughes gives the worst possible customer service possible. First when you call it rings forever, at least 20 times. You think the phone is being answered but you quickly realize they just picked up the phone and hung it back up. So, you call back and wait for it to get picked up again only to find Mr Hughes on the other end. Mr Hughes apparently signs for EVERY package that arrives in that post office, because he said he did. He also said he can see all of the packages from his desk. He has no need to go look for your package because he can see them all and he is the only one who scans them in and he remembers all of them! That was my recent experience. In November there had been another one. It was right after Thanksgiving, maybe that Monday. I asked about a certified package that was sent back to the Post Office. He said he was too busy to look for anything because of the Christmas Rush. Oh my! I'm on the phone with them right now and they just hung up on me again!!

US POST OFFICE Couldn't get service
by guitarflower85 in RICHMOND, TX

I called this number in hopes of getting help with a package that according to my package tracking was delivered yesterday, however it wasn't. The man who answered the phone asked me for my address then put me on hold for 10 minutes. I finally hung up and called again and before I could ask him what was going on, he put me on hold again. This post office might as well not have a phone number to call if that is how they treat their customers.

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