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2201 S Jackson Rd Apt 13b
Pharr, TX,78577


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DUNLYN ACRES is located in Pharr, TX


DUNLYN ACRES has not updated this section.


DUNLYN ACRES can be reached at 956‑631‑3331

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DUNLYN ACRES Don't waste your time here
by Roobeekai in PHARR, TX

Where do i even start. The grass is always brown I wake up at 3 AM and people are partying outside in the pool. Everynight I have to fall asleep with the TV on. The one time I went to the balcony I looked at the pool and a couple were having sex in the pool area, the most disgusting thing I've ever seen. I don't feel safe at all there are always cops driving by. The people here? Well the secretary in the office told me that I have gotten alot of complaints, I then proceeded to ask her politely what were the complaints. She said because i have 3 dogs, (they are very small dogs) when I told her that it doesn't sound fair at all she simply said Its because the people here didnt like our dogs because they are "old and from Monterey, Mexico". Being Hispanic, I still don't understand what that even means. *Note that we ALWAYS pick up our dogs poops and even take them to the park to play. She really meant That the people here DIDN'T LIKE that we would walk our 3 dogs there SOMETIMES. So im guessing this place isnt dog friendly? We are getting out ASAP. Also you are not allowed to park your moving trailers here. The secretary said we couldn't park our trailer in our spot. We then explained to her that we were just moving stuff in she had proceeded to tell us we needed to move it by the next day. Unbelievable. We just got here and we need to find a new place.

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