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Long O J House Moving & Leveling
1817 County Road 310A
Cleburne, TX,76031


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Long O J House Moving & Leveling
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Long O J House Moving & Leveling is located in Cleburne, TX


Long O J House Moving & Leveling has not updated this section.


Long O J House Moving & Leveling can be reached at 817‑558‑6967

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Long O J House Moving & Leveling Joke
by Johnsoncounty83 in CLEBURNE, TX

This guy is a joke,, he buys the ugliest houses in johnson county then parks them on the corner of cr310a and hwy 171 leaving all the residences in the area to stare at the ugly bastards on our daily commutes. Old man long, do us a favor, trash the houses and retire.

Long O J House Moving & Leveling worst business man of all time
by jaysonsandoval in MORENO VALLEY, CA

its been over 10 years since I did business with this man took him to court and all won the judgment and still to this date have not received anything back from this man

Long O J House Moving & Leveling oj long is a thief
by tbole4 in JOSHUA, TX

do not do business with this man he will steal all of your money and deliver no goods or services he is a con man. if you need to sue him his address is 3333 pear ct. his phone number is817-648-8417. the address he lists here is an empty lot where he stores broken houses

Long O J House Moving & Leveling don't trust O.J. LONG

he took my family's hard earn $4600.00 to do a terrible job leveling our house! Here it is just 5 months later and house is unleveled again and he didn't use treated wood like every other house leveling company does. As soon as I find a good address on him I will be taking him to court! He stop taking my calls and when he did he was rude! and hang up on me

Long O J House Moving & Leveling He does a great job.
by A nichols in MOUNT CALM, TX

OJ did a great job at helping me find a home. Then he moved it across 5 cites and towns. I love my home. Thank you.

Long O J House Moving & Leveling I Purchased a Modular Building from OJ and he did not deliver as agreed
by lsalazar in BURLESON, TX

I purchased a modular classroom from OJ and he took my down payment of $4,500 and now says he cannot deliver it and does not have my money. My opinion right now unless this is made right, this is fraud and theft.

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