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Business Details

Clearwire Communications, LLC, an operating subsidiary of Clearwire Corporation, offers a robust suite of advanced high-speed Internet services to consumers and businesses. As part of a multi-year network build-out plan, Clearwire’s 4G service, called CLEAR 4G, will be available in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., and bring together an unprecedented combination of speed and mobility. Clearwire’s open all-IP network, combined with significant spectrum holdings, provides unmatched network capacity to deliver next generation broadband access.


CLEAR 4G ISP Internet Service Connectivity


Distribution of our 4G Internet Connectivity is provided throughout the entire U.S. Clearwire's 4G service, called CLEAR 4G, is available in major metropolitan areas across the U.S., and bring together an unprecedented combination of speed and mobility.

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Wimax Global Best Internet
by ownyourlife in Aiea, HI

This is an awesome product. I use it daily & what I like most is that it's mobile.

Wimax Global Flashback makes recycled rockstars
by amyholt in Austin, TX

Flashback vintage is the coolest of the cool. They have such a wide variety of clothing clothing from all eras. From rockabilly to sex pistols...from designer to super affordable...any one can leave the store dressed like a rock star!

Wimax Global wimax global offers small business solutions
by amyholt in Austin, TX

wimax global has effective, affordable solutions that save small business owners lots of money. They saved my small retail shop about 600$ per month. Thanks for your offerings!

Wimax Global Mobile highspeed internet from Wimax global
by join in Ft. Worth, TX

I've been looking for an ISP that was mobile, highspeed and inexpensive Clear meets my needs. Wimax Global is the best place to get Clear for yourself and or business..

Wimax Global Wimax Global Excellent 4G ISP
by worldwidemarketing in Garden Grove, CA

I was looking for a fast, reliable ISP When I came across Wimax Global. I found the connection extremely fast. Speeds are great at all times. Wimax Global customer service is excellent (you won't find better). Wimax Global is the best ISP I've been with. Excellent product and price. Couldn't want for better staff to deal with. Informative, honest, considerate and well organized. Very pleased with this ISP. I don't think any other ISP on my exchange could come close to Wimax Global Highly recommended.

Wimax Global 3G vs.4G
by businessfirst in Goodlettsville, TN

Today 95% of wireless users are on a 3G network. If you want to get impressive 4g connectivity and speed, go to Wimax Global. Check them out for yourself, you will not be disappointed.

Wimax Global 4G ISP
by OldBlu in Costa Mesa, CA

I've been waiting for a long time. This is the only way to go. Kaplan Marketing let me to this product line and I thank them for it. I've already got my entire team looking into it.

Wimax Global Incredible Products
by Timmy55 in Costa Mesa, CA

I recently found Wimax online. I have been looking for a 4G Internet Service Provider that had the right product offering and service to go with it. Wimax Global in Austin, TX was my choice and they did not let me down. If you have 4G requirements, please give them a try.

Wimax Global Wimax Global for 4G ISP
by bobsbn in Newport Beach, CA

When you are looking for fast 4G Internet Connectivity, I strongly recommend using Wimax Global. They have proven to be the best ISP that I have worked with. Once you try using them, I know that you will agree with me.

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