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Bass Carey Insurance
799 S Jefferson Ave
Cookeville, TN,38501


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Bass Carey Insurance
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Bass Carey Insurance is located in Cookeville, TN


Bass Carey Insurance has not updated this section.


Bass Carey Insurance can be reached at 931‑526‑1125

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Bass Carey Insurance Very unorganized State Farm
by Dalti1 in SPARTA, TN

This office is very unorganized. The do not follow through, or return calls. The Assistant Justin, is the worse. We have been with State farm for over 30 years, and have near seen an office so scattered brained. Currently looking for a new agent. We inquired to make some changes to insurance, and told Mr. Bass himself, that we will discuss it, and get back to him, but not to make any changes right now. Then 2 weeks later we get change notice. When we called to tell them nothing should of been done, we were told that they did what they thought was best, which was increase our deductible. Now we can not get our super low deductible back, because state Farm doesn't offer anymore.

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