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Melissa Lucia (mlucia)

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I'm a single mom of two great kids and being a single mother makes it difficult to juggle my time between working two jobs and spending enough time with them kids as I would like.

I joined SBN as a critic because I saw a unique opportunity to work at my own pace, on my own terms and earn what I am really worth and still have the time to spend with what matters to me the most in my children.

Now I make my own hours, make immediate bonus income plus I am building and really terriffic residual income where I am my own boss and am paid based on my personal performance as well as the performance of those that I sponsor, and all without having to constantly answer to a time clock.

The best part about it is I can take my kids out to dinner, have an enjoyable evening with them and when I get home I can write a review about the restaurant we ate at and get paid.

There's nothing like getting paid to shop and eat at your local favorite spots.

This opportunity has finally given me and my children a chance to have the life that we have always wanted with more time and plenty of immediate income for building the network and writing reviews plus an ongoing residual stream of income for introducing the products and services of SBN to my favorite businesses, consultants, retailers, wholesalers and service providers in the local community.

I would very much enjoy an opportunity to share with everyone just how simple and rewarding it is to be a part of the Consumer Revolution with SBN.

Please call me at any time!
Missy (949) 716-6966