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Rudy Padrol (RPadrol)

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Hello and welcome to my personal website!

I'm a banker with Wells Fargo Bank in Mission Viejo CA...

Most of my personal banking businesses comes from Word-of-Mouth referrals from my friends, associates and also from businesses that I have a personal relationship with!

The reason that I patronize the places that I do, is because I've grown to enjoy the relationship and I find value in doing so.

The reason my friends, associates and businesses call on me for banking services, is because they trust that I will always provide a level of service superior to any others...that's why they continue to stay with my bank, and that is why they continually refer their friends to me.

When I was introduced to the community and the idea...I immediately took action to become apart of the team.

I would enjoy an opportunity to discuss the possibilities inherent in your doing the same thing...please give me a call anytime for all you banking needs and also to chat about the Superior Businesses Network.

Rudy Padrol

(949) 945-4800