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So, Thank you for visiting my personal marketing website located on the front of my virtual office for the network and portal, I'm certainly glad you stopped by and I do appreciate the opportunity to be of service to you.

Here's my story.....For the past 28 years I've been a diligent wife, mother, and employee. I've had a great time in every part of my life and I would not trade it for anything.

I started my professional career in dance, specifically in the ballet and modern and had a great time as an instructor....I loved the teaching part of dance, and of course.....the dancing part goes without saying.

After getting married and having my two son's, I have enjoyed a serious career as a full-time mother and simaltaneously have been employed for the last decade in the bio-tech and nutraceutical space as a marketing analyst and consultant.

I've enjoyed much satisfaction and success as a mother and also in my professional career up until recently;

Something happened to me in 2010 that made me take a second review of my situation;

I broke my leg while jogging down the road (natural health and lots of exercise keeps the botox at bay!# anyway, this small and seemingly uneventful little broken leg was the catalyst for my joining and the network.

Here's why... daily driver was a 6 speed Porsche Carerra S...after the cast was put on and I was unable to put any weight on the leg for almost 10 weeks...driving was out of the question-so I was stuck at home...... or at the least very restricted.

2nd...I decided I was not going to sit around and watch TV or read novels while I was healing...the doctor said that if I didn't do things just right...I would require surgery and then may never ever be able to jog...or dance again!

3rd...My employer needed me (or my replacement) in Madrid, Spain for the conclusion of human trials for new technology... these trials are the culmination of seven years of passionate effort.

4th....I needed to replace myself...I actually had to fire myself, actually....I was fired by the company for not being able to travel, and I was immediately left without the income that was attached to my work...which is a start-up company on a strict budget..we're changing the world, but we're doing so at great sacrifice.

5th....The idea made a lot of sense to me!

This is what I did...I joined the team, I wrote some recommendations and a few reviews on some special (Superior Businesses) that I personally patronize and then...

I got got a check from for doing what I do for free all the time!

Then....I spoke with a couple of girlfriends with similar stories...they did the same thing and they got paid and we all now get paid fees, bonueses, commissions and and overrides for building the network...and we all keep getting paid....and I have never looked back!...

This project is perfect for people like me, the timing in the advertising and on-line search space is right on and if you'll ask me about my blue print for success in the project, I'll be happy to show the way and support you while you learn and earn.

Visit and then give me a call.