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Lars Leonard (POWERLine)

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The Concept Is Simple

You’re already referring your favorite businesses to your family and friends. Right?

You’re quick to tell people if you like a restaurant, a baby sitter, a plumber, a doctor...In other words, you know someone that's great at what they do for a living, or you know a great merchant that really takes care of his customers.

Well, can show you how you can get paid for finding, referring and reviewing these type of people and businesses (Superior Businesses) and products online. As a consumer, we have the ultimate power when it comes to spreading the word on businesses.

There is nothing as powerful as the human voice!

Everyone has an opinion and now ThePOWERLine with the help of can show you how to get paid for sharing yours with others.

If you’re looking for a simple system developed by a successful millionaire that’s proven, has a high income potential and is based upon something you’re already doing every day......then please read on.

When the team started in the YellowPage business back in 1988, they had no idea it was going to make them wealthy. It wasn’t easy…having moved out of a 1 bedroom apartment onto a sailboat, selling everything and racking up $80,000 in credit card debt just to publish the first directory.

The night before the presses ran there was more than a little fear and $5 cash left after paying for the gas to deliver the first directories to a few customers. They prayed that those businesses would pay for the ads that were placed within that first directory and the business was launched….it was all or nothing.

When the first directory came out of the bindery and landed in the customers hands… life was about to change forever, and change it did!

Now, 20 years later, there’s a major change in the industry - now we all have a chance to take advantage of this new opportunity! each of us...together!.

There are a lot of opportunities on the web that make empty promises. The difference is, we’ve had proven success and made millions in the same industry and now it looks like lightening does strike twice.

Our company has been in the advertising and marketing industry for over 20 years, we're one of the oldest profitable Internet YellowPage companies on the planet.

We’ve supplied Internet products and services that have helped build companies like EarthLink, MindSpring, Terra/Lycos, and IDT. We’ve created marketing agreements with Dell,Gateway, Intel HP and more.

We’ve also created affiliate agreements with everyone from to

This time our company is making the opportunity available for others who see it! ......The timing couldn’t be better!

If you think the Internet Revolution was a boom time, you should know that the Consumer Revolution, the next Internet boom, is just starting and it’s bigger and better.

As consumers we already participate in "Word of Mouth” everyday. The only difference between your opinion and that of a person on TV is they have an audience and you don’t. As a result, they’re getting paid and you’re not. That's all about to change forever because has a network that may soon be bigger than any TV Network.

Together we really can change the way people buy and sell everything and the best thing is that you’re already doing it! You’re just not getting paid for it.

As this Consumer Revolution continues, the money will continue to flow in like nothing you have ever seen before.

And since we’re already doing it now for free, how much fun would we have if we got paid for what we do naturally.

We’re taking “Word Of Mouth“Marketing to a whole new level.

Call or email right away and I'll fill you in on all the details!

Lars Leonard 800-780-3572