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Boat Renting & Leasing, Boat-Marine, Personal Fitness Trainers, Rentals
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Paddle Board Rentals, Electic Duffy Boats, Catayak Rentals and a fabulous surf boutique. 


Lspace, VIX, Vitamin A, Mikoh, Dakine, Olukai, Hurley


Fuze offers Paddle Club Memberships. $45 dollars a month gets you unlimited paddling, board storage and multiple discounts in the store. Fuze carries brand new custom paddle boards, race boards and surf boards. Fuze offers fitness on the water i.e yoga on paddle boards. Fuze has all the top of the line swim wear and cover ups. 

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Fuze Sports What an amazing adventure
by karenterborg in Anaheim, CA

My husband and I took some friends out around the bay in a Duffy. It was magical just cruising along, enjoying the beautiful homes, boats and friendly people who would stop and wave. A little wine, some fruit and cheese, some good company and this makes for a magical memory.

Fuze Sports Staff couldn't be friendlier
by adterborg in Santa Ana, Em

I have never been so impressed as I am with Fuze's customer service. They bent over backwards to make sure I had everything I needed for me and my girlfriend to have a safe and exciting kayaking adventure. We felt completely comfortable and the equipment was in great shape, not to mention some of the staff! needless to say we will be coming back.

Fuze Sports Didn't think it was possible
by terborg in Orange, CA

My wife talked me into trying paddle boarding. I was pretty nervous but the instructors were great and in no time I was up and time of my life. Thanks.

by POWERLine in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

These are the only guys that I could find that will let you rent a paddle board when you start out learning the sport...everyone else tried to sell me something, but these guys were great at teaching me to actually use the thing and now I love it! They rent electric boats and kayaks too! their website is at the yoga program on wednesday...get a tan, stretch and enjoy nature
Response: Thanks for coming and we hope to see you again. Our website Thanks again for the nice review.

Fuze Sports I got two for the price of one!
by System Account in Mission Viejo, CA

this is a great deal on a great sport...50% off introduction to paddle-boarding... try it you will love it! there's a reason paddle boards have been around so long...

Fuze Sports 50% Memeberships at FUZE PADDLE BOARDING
by RPadrol in Mission Viejo, CA

you must do this sport! the fun is unbelievable! the exercise is great...I lost 10 lbs...and the KIller Deal of 50% off is perfect

Fuze Sports Unlimited paddling for $45/mo...better thah gym membership
by 888888 in palos verdes estates, CA

This is really a great deal...paddle-boarding is a bit different, but it's so flipping great..great people, great exercise and great peace of mind! and with the special offer of 50% off membership really should try the deal out!

Fuze Sports This is really fun!
by 888888 in palos verdes estates, CA

paddle boarding is something we used to do in the Philippines for recreation its a sport! wow...i just turned XX years old and i fell in love with FUZE...great for exercise

Fuze Sports Great paddle boards
by danette in mission viejo, CA

if you haven't tried paddle are really missing one of the funnest and most relaxing experiences around...and the guys at FUZE are terrific! I have been looking around at these things for about 2 months...the FUZE team are great!, the products are great and the value is really Superior

Fuze Sports What a good time
by Mhudson in LAGUNA BEACH, CA

We rented one of the boats, had some drinks, then contemplated paddle boarding. To do it all over again, we would have gotten some exercise in then went out for our booze cruise. Either way, we had a great time. The staff was friendly and we recommend this company to anyone looking to have a good time.

Fuze Sports So much fun
by mlucia in Mission Viejo, CA

I took advantage of this deal, learned a new sport and saved money on some new swim gear. I've tried to surf before without much luck but paddle boarding is easier to learn and still a lot of fun.
Response: Thanks for coming. Hope to see you again.

Fuze Sports Paddle Boards
by todd in corona del mar, CA

This place is brand new and AWESOME! Top of the line custom paddle boards. We were with a group of people and had a great time! They offer more than just paddle boats, Duffy Electric Boats, Yoga and fitness classes! Great Experience! I am going to tell everyone I know to check this place out.
Response: Thank you for coming in. We pride Fuze on being a clean friendly, laid back atmosphere. Please come again.

Fuze Sports Paddle Board Rentals
by todd in corona del mar, CA

Duffy Electric Boats, Paddle Boards, & Catayak, this is the place to rent from, right in Sunset Beach! Planning a day trip for a few of our friends was easy, we were able to do it online with zero hassle! Great customer service, Fuze Sports provides everything you need to enjoy the day out on the water. I joined the Fuze Paddle Club and receive great offers on fitness and yoga classes. The paddle boards you find here at Fuze are customized and top quality.
Response: Fuze has 60 new custom boards coming in by the end of September. Thank you for coming in and we are glad you enjoyed your experience here at Fuze Sports.

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