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About Us

Our focus is to create customers for life! As a result of this philosophy, nearly all of our business is from referrals from a large base of satisfied clients, trusted financial advisors and the most experienced Realtors.

We have achieved recognition in the industry by taking a role of helping customers professionally manage their financial needs and fulfill their financial ambitions. We help borrowers integrate the mortgage loan they choose into their overall long and short term financial investment goals as well as their payment and equity objectives.

For Tri-Emerald’s borrowers, the relationship starts prior to the first loan and continues indefinitely for as long as they own their property. A state of the art rate watch service, continual product updates, and an annual mortgage review are just part of the services we use to continually help homeowners manage what is typically their largest investment.

We consider it our mission to be the mortgage professional that our customers will proudly recommend to colleagues, friends and family.

Loan Programs

Tri-Emerald Financial Group is a direct lender established to provide the best rates and most diverse array of programs available from conventional, FHA, VA and Reverse Mortgages.


The professionals at Tri-Emerald Financial Group pride themselves in being highly educated finance professionals who work hard for their customers’ best financial interests. All of our mortgage bankers are licensed through the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) and hold individual licenses in various states. By holding these individual licenses our bankers meet the professional standards dictated by state specific laws, guidelines, procedures and education requirements dictated by state specific laws, guidelines, procedures and education requirements

State Licensing Information:

AL 2087 | CA 01816700 | CO 990282 | CT ML-173317 | FL ML100000117 | HUD-Title II 27353-0000-8 | ID MBL-7126 | IN 11235| MD 19032 | NM 03794 | PA 30620 | WV 24660 | NMLS: 173317

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Tri-Emerald Financial Group Lowest Historical Mortgage Rates
by newport in costa mesa, CA

Tri-Emerald is timely and efficient in their professional customer service rates and values.

Tri-Emerald Financial Group STOP! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!
by onen8doc in GILROY, CA

I started the refinace of my house with Tri-Emerald Financial in June of 2012, I was asked to sumit two years of 1040 tax returns, W-2, insurance for this house, mortagage papers for my primary residence, and two months of banks statements, allow for credit scores, and payroll stubs for both my wife and myself. Both my wife and my credit rating were impeccable and in the 800's. I was again asked to submit forms in July, August, and September. By this time after dozens of emails and phone calls, I was totally frustrated with the whole system and just let it go. I was later contacted by the supposed senior manager George Nyugen who said the previous representative was not doing his job and that is why he was taking over and would see this through to the end. Again I was asked to submit bank statments, W-2 forms, payroll stubs and mortgage statements, etc., etc. for the house I was refinancing and my primary residence. So September, October, and November statments were all sent, but now they needed a new appraisal since the previous had expired. I informed them that because they were at fault in expediting the loan, that I would not pay for a new appraisal. They agreed to pay for it, so I waited, and waited. Unfortunately, I was just laid off from my company after 3 1/2 years of working there. However, we finally signed the papers the 20th of December, but the pay off was not done and on January 3rd, 2013 I was called by Randy Van Orden, another sales manager and informed me that because I was no longer working, my loan would not be funded, even though the mortgage would be less than what I am paying now. I would definitely stay away from this company. They procrastinate, lie, demand an exorbadent amount of information and never perform in any timely manner. This loan should have been processed in two months at the most. I have bought and sold houses and refinanced them numerous times and have never found a company so derelict in their performance.

Tri-Emerald Financial Group Very Fast Funding!
by bobbyb1 in IRVINE, CA

Tri-Emerald did a great job for me. Better Rate than everyone else. Very Fast Funding! Thanks TFG.

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