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Anthony's Shoe Repair
5325-B Alton Parkway
Irvine, CA,92604


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Anthony's Shoe Repair
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Shoe Repair
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Business Details

Add a new luster to your shoes, boots, purses or other leather items with a visit to Anthony's® Shoe Repair.  Anthony's has been in business for over 65 years in Orange County, California, and we specialize in shoe, luggage, belt, and leather repair. We handle everything from putting new soles on shoes to patching leather jackets.


Anthony's Shoe Repair specializes in the Repair, Cleaning & Dying of:

•Athletic Shoes
•Orthopendic Shoes
•Leather Garments

Leather Repair -
In leather repair work, we reconstruct items. E-mail us pictures of what needs to be repaired. Prices vary with each situation.

Heels and Shine -
This service involves putting new heel lifts on the bottom of the shoes. When there are rocks or pebbles on the shoes' bottoms, we remove them and redo the edging. Once we're done, they look like a brand new pair of shoes. Shoes will start to dry out and start cracking if this service is not performed. When the heels go, it ruins the shoe and the heel of your foot. Also, bad shoe heels can ruin delicate floor surfaces.


Other Services Include: 

-Shortening and Lengthening Belts
-Patching Leather Jackets
-Luggage Repair
-Purse repair
-Boot Repair (Narrowing and Shortening)           
-Boot & Shoe Stretching
-Shoe Dyeing

For purses, we re-dye them, shorten handles when they're too long, and repair lining that is damaged. Replacement of zippers on purses and luggage is also available. We have access to a wide selection of luggage parts, so we can replace wheels on your luggage when necessary.

Our shop carries items for shoe repair such as shoe stretchers, insoles, care products, and shoestrings. We sell shoetrees that can be inserted into the shoe when not being worn, to keep your shoes from crinkling.


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Anthony's Shoe Repair I Love My Shoes!!
by CorinSi in ORANGE, CA

I have a favorite pair of leather shoes that I can not live with out! Taking great care of my shoes I was devastated with the damage I caused them. I contacted Anthonys Shoe Repair in hopes they could fix them. Garret is a shoe genius!! I live in Irvine and he was super close, when they were returned to me they were as good as new! My friends that live in Tustin & Lake Forest have also gone to him! He also carries a ton of different things to help maintain the beauty of your beloved shoes!
Response: We specialize in all sorts of shoe repair. Thank you for your business. We serve the local area from Irvine, Tustin to Lake Forest.

Anthony's Shoe Repair Sole Repair
by JohnnyRocket in Costa Mesa, CA

Leather lasts forever, but the soles not so much. Having a comfortable pair of leather shoes for daily business I needed a fresh bottom, took my shoes to Anthony Shoe Repair in Irvine and he did the job well and fast!
Response: Good leather does last forever. Sole replacement is a simple solution to the comfortable shoes you want to keep!

Anthony's Shoe Repair Best Shoe Repair in OC
by killerdeals in Irvine, CA

I have been going to Anthony's for 8 years and he is the best. He has fixed my shoe,Jackets, belts and purses that I thought were impossible to fix, but he made them like new! Cleaning, Dyeing and Repairs he is GREAT. Friendly and fair they have been in business for over 50 years and I see why! Athletic shoes, Orthopedic Shoes, Belts, Luggage, Handbags and any Leather Garments.
Response: Thank you for your business. We do more than shoe repair, any type of leather we are able to restore to excellent condition as well as cleaning leather hand bags and purses. Our Irvine location is very close to Tustin and Lake Forest.

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