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Rich D'Alessio
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This site is for those who want to build a bigger and better book of business. This site is for organizations and individuals who want to improve their income by improving their human equity (i.e. value to clients, customers, family, working associates and friends).


n 2009 we collected more than 100 testimonials and references from only 75 program participants. Our average increase in sales and profits was audited at 72% with many participants reporting sales and profit increases in the ranges of 100%, 200% and 300%. Some even reported sales increases over 500%.

One participant reported a 100% increase after the first week of participation and 300% after the third week of participation. One of our participants was first in the nation in December of 2009. That is, first out of more than 800 representatives in her company.

Other participants reported doubling their sales in December while other representatives, who were not enrolled in a CeI Business Development Program, reported dramatic sales declines.


Cannon Einstitute can be reached at 714‑929‑1004

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Cannon Einstitute Education
by rich in costa mesa, CA

The sales professional builds a "sales practice" like a doctor builds a medical practice or a lawyer builds a legal practice. This Learning Unit cuts the time to build your practice resulting in a rapid increase in sales volume and profitability.

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