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Action Jack Professional Cleaning
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Certified by:
Rich D'Alessio
Carpet and Rug Cleaners, Dyers, Floor Waxing, Polishing and Cleaning, Repair

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Action Jack Professional Cleaning is a full service floor and carpet cleaning outfit serving Orange County CA.  We offer both residential and commercial service for you floor and carpet cleaning needs.


Action Jack Professional Cleaning uses the latest technology and harm free chemicals to deliver a deep and lasting cleaning.  We can also schedule regular visits to keep your home or facility in tip top shape.


Our carpet and floor cleaning services extend to Stone, Concrete, Tile, Grout, Strip and Wax, Carpets, Upholstery, and Air Ducts.  We also offer sealers and dyes to help restore your faded services.  We handle accounts throughout orange county, ca and corporate janitorial accounts are encouraged.  Call us, you'll be satisfied!

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Action Jack Professional Cleaning Cleaning Service
by rich in costa mesa, CA

These days its hard to find a great cleaning service that does and spends a lot time on everything. They will leave the house looking great and trust me you will be completely satisfied and well worth your money.

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