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HairStylist, James Gooden
26571 w 12 mile road
Southfield, MI,48034


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HairStylist, James Gooden
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HairStylist, James Gooden is located in Southfield, MI


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HairStylist, James Gooden can be reached at 248‑830‑1437

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HairStylist, James Gooden Master Hairstylist in Michigan
by elanwellness in detroit, MI

James Gooden is a master hairstylist and hair cutter with over twenty years of experience. He taught for numerous hair product companies, worldwide, and has been the stylist for celebrities such as Alia, Aretha Franklin, Kenya Moore (former Miss USA) and many more. James offers precise cutting, coloring, styling, hair extensions , doing pin ups, pony tails, perms and natural hair, you name it He can take any length of hair, from very short to very long, and create a masterpiece of art with your hairstyle. From simple every day "dos" to elegant and glamorous evening stylings, James is a master of styling. When you enter and leave this elegant and private salon, you will have received the best of care. People will ask you. Who did your hair? Just tell them, James Gooden.

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