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672 Murdell Ln
Livermore, CA,94550


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BUSHBABIES BASENJIS is located in Livermore, CA


BUSHBABIES BASENJIS has not updated this section.


BUSHBABIES BASENJIS can be reached at 925‑447‑8398

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BUSHBABIES BASENJIS two brindle pups bushbabies
by basenji in CASTRO VALLEY, CA

my red basenji went over the rainbow bridge in april 23 I had contacted terry the owner of Bushbabies she was so wonderful and supportive of me and my loss she had some puppies brindle she invited us over to see them it was love at first sight. we then left and went home we got a call to come after the puppies.Terry will get the right dog for you she really knows her dogs she is very sensitive to a persons feelings I cant say enough about her that wonderful woman took a big void from my heart and filled it with my beloved basenjis I wasn't eating wouldn't even talk to anyone. I was broken hearted over my nikia she was 14 when she went over the rainbow bridge if you loose a beloved basenji get a hold of terry she is wonderful. and her dogs are sweet and loving have the best dispositions of any basenji its all in the way she handles them. I feel so blessed to have found her. take my word for it she is one of the most kindest, thoughtful, people you should get some kindof award

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