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7190 Colorado Blvd
Commerce City, CO,80022


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ADAMS COUNTY FOOD STAMPS is located in Commerce City, CO


ADAMS COUNTY FOOD STAMPS has not updated this section.


ADAMS COUNTY FOOD STAMPS can be reached at 303‑227‑2350

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ADAMS COUNTY FOOD STAMPS You best bet is to call 7 or 9 news
by wendiwow in AURORA, CO

They are doing the same thing to me, yet again. I get all the paperwork they require in well before the due date and yet here I sit with no benefits. If you are lucky enough to get to talk to them (rarely) they say it is on the stack on my desk, I will get to it in order.If I did that at my job I would be fired. When I asked my case worker why my paperwork was still not finished since I turned it in right away after I got it. She told me if I called her again, It would fall off the pile into the trash can. I then called her supervisior, which told me that they probably didn't have my paperwork back, I told her my c/w said it was on her desk. She said well then why are you wasting out time bothering her, it will take her longer if you waste our time. I ask her if that was yet another threat? She told me, take it as you want.She said it would be another 2 weeks at least. I called and talked to Jace at the news channel and magically my benefits were ready the next day.Will do again Monday

by ryan012188 in AURORA, CO

i haven't gotten my food stamp me and my family are starving WTF!!!!! and they never answer and there liers

ADAMS COUNTY FOOD STAMPS Why can't anyone ever answer their phones and call back?!
by Missymoo in DENVER, CO

I don't understand, I have been calling leaving messages for weeks now, NO ONE calls back, no one answers. I call to make sure they recieved all required paperwork from me and no one cares to help me, but I can bet if I didn't send in everything they need ill get dropped off of assistance when I am out of work and have six kids to feed. I guess we can starve, not like they are all starving there at Adams county.

by shelby9 in DENVER, CO

i sent in my packet in january I don't know why I never heard a thing I need the food assistence or I cannot make it.please help.Thanks! ellen wheeling1500 west thornton co.80260 case no. 1B2YM84 I would like a letter stating why I lost my rent is 505 amonth excel135 to over 200. a month .plus my meds and small premium for my well you can see.I need my benefits I have uncontrol Diabeties and neurophany in my feet.can't get around alot.

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