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Tote Trac
2215 South Standard
Santa Ana, CA,92707


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Certified by:
Paul MacPhee
Garage Cabinets and Organizers, Home Decor, Home Design and Planning, Storage Household and Commercial

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Tote Trac is located in Santa Ana, CA


Tote Trac has not updated this section.


Tote Trac can be reached at 714‑668‑3004

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Tote Trac Ceiling Storage to the MAX
by paulm in Laguna HIlls, CA

Tote Trac is an AMAZING product that helped me reduce the clutter in my garage by allowing me to store things on the ceiling.  The descrete design makes it easy on the eyes and it was also very COST EFFECTIVE
I would recommend this product to anyone with storage needs!  They also fit in closets, basements and attics.

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