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Machinery-New and Used

Business Details

All of the special parts used in our machine systems are designed and fabricated by us at our facility.  Therefore, we have total control over  manufacturing and assembly of our equipment.  This allows us to design to our customers specific needs, and greatly reduces the cost to our customers.

 Our facility, located in Orange Ca., is equipped with Conventional and CNC Machining Centers, using Servo Controls in the production of our components.

  Our Design Staff, using CAD Design and Web based OEM applications allows for design of equipment custom taylored to your specifications.

 Our Engineering and Manufacturing Staff are always adapting to today's changes in manufacturing methods, and available technology.


Insert Fastener Machine
    * Installs Fastener flush with finished surface
    * No changeover time from 1" to 2" prongs
    * No changeover time from 11 to 25 point stock
    * Manual or Automatic Feed

Pressboard Taping Machine
    * Tapes together two panels of pressboard, manila or craft.
    * Automatically wraps a single, continuous piece of tape.
    * Forms, Folds and Bones expansion gussets.
    * Batch counts and delivers shingled on conveyor.
    * Continuous feeder and gusset forming sections are optional.

Bonded Fastener Machine
    * Applies bonded fasteners from a continuous coil.
    * No changeover from 1" to 2" fasteners.
    * Manual or Automatic Feed
    * No changeover necessary for product stock.

Dual-Prong Fastener Machine
    * Runs either 6" or 8" Dual Fasteners from pre-formed stock.
    * Carbide dies cut the fastener from a continuous coil.
    * Manual or Automatic Feed.

Corner Bender Machine
    * Pre-forms expansion gussets to 90 degrees, and re-flattens for delivery.
    * Tooling available for 1/2" or 7/16" gussets.
    * Automatic feed table and product eject are standard.

Partition Edge Gluer
    *  Folds and glues edges of divider inserts for expansion files.
    * Cold glue pot easily removable for washup.
    * Automatic sheet feed included.

Gusset Sizer

Un-Folder Feeder

Special Taping Machine

Custom Machine Design and Fabrication.


Simeone Associates has a complete line of machinery for the application of fasteners in your File Folders, or Pressboard Products.

Call for any custom designs! 714-974-3850

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Simeone Associates Custom Machinery
by CorinSi in ORANGE, CA

Whether you're in need of an assembly fixture, or a completely automated line of equipment. Simeone Associates guarantees favorable results! All the parts used in their machines are designed and fabricated at the facility.

Simeone Associates Custom Machinery
by JohnnyRocket in Costa Mesa, CA

Custom machine building is their specialty! Custom metal parts & CNC milling. Joe at Simeone Associates helped our company design and build a custom machine to fit our needs he raised the bar on quality and efficiency. We have been working with him for years and are machines are still going strong!

Simeone Associates Great Custom Fabrication
by ClamMan in Costa Mesa, CA

Our business was in need of a specific part that no other companies were able to help us with I spoke with Joe at Simeone Associates, not only was he able to design and build exactly what we needed his turn around time was quick

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