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Dingus McGees Restaurant

Colfax, CA,95713


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Dingus McGees Restaurant
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Dingus McGees Restaurant is located in Colfax, CA


Dingus McGees Restaurant has not updated this section.


Dingus McGees Restaurant can be reached at 530‑346‑2234

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Dingus McGees Restaurant relocted dingus mcgees needs reality check
by chefkenstone in AUBURN, CA

As it was the first 2 wks open some consessions should be made. However the "bar manager?", was the picture perfect truckstop server! A wad of candy or gum mouthed while trying to sell drafts and house pours was ridiculous. Garlic Fries- great taste; portion small $10+ burger; ridiculous price for a 5-6 oz patty diner style accompaniments; no cold sauce (mayo or other offered) ordered medium burnt on at least one side; french fries seasoned nicely but hotter (from the fryer) than the garlic fries. yet served at the same time? Plain bun no excitement not much more that Dennys for a few bucks more!!! Thats all at this visit to report; More visits soon.

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