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1845 Highway 126
Florence, OR,97439


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R P PROPERTIES is located in Florence, OR


R P PROPERTIES has not updated this section.


R P PROPERTIES can be reached at 541‑997‑8098

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R P PROPERTIES Superior individual
by Myloveniles87 in FLORENCE, OR

Reinhard pollman may have some people that are employed that come odd to the world but let's be honest 68% of the world population have there addictions what ever they may be , but I'd you're talking about Reinhard and his business etiquette then you would be false to acuse him of any disrespect or slum like activity . he in my personal opinion is a wonderful and brilliant personable loving and inspirational person .. To say the least ... He takes so many people in that need help and motivates them by giving them chances at honest work ..and safe living conditions and I for one vouche that anyone that has money and still love enough to take swings from angry wrongfully disgruntal people and keep moving forward with the many 1000 of people that bombard him with personal begging to throw outs ... He still stands before us at 74 years old .... Woman abusing him and drug users who are on constantly attack daily for money..employees who lie to him about things Neva done. He stands w\ openh

R P PROPERTIES Cynthia Jackson is a TRUE Fraud
by jberry18 in FLORENCE, OR

Cynthia Jackson office at the Florence Business center I have walked by it and I have smelled a strong odor of Marijuana coming from it. Also this Woman if anyone would like to look it up has three Felony's on her record for embezzlement. Never let this lady do your taxes, you will regret it. She is a walking time bomb!!!

by Sickntired in FLORENCE, OR

REINARD POLLMAN IS A SLUM LORD!!!! If you wanna work in an environment where its ok too use meth or drink on the job like Cynthia Jackson (the front desk "lady") does then this is the place for you. They treat their respectable tenants horrible and their illegal or drug dealing/using tenants like gold. Reinard treats his GM Justin Schumaker like crap and steals from anyone he can. Worst PLACE IN THE WORLD IS IN REINARD POLLMANS APTS!

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