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514 West St
Caldwell, OH,43724


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VFW POST 4721 is located in Caldwell, OH


VFW POST 4721 has not updated this section.


VFW POST 4721 can be reached at 740‑732‑5459

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by randyp in CALDWELL, OH

(7/22/17) I don't know what this person (Anna Parry) is talking about but it is undated. So no one knows when or if this might have taken place. The employee mentioned has not worked there for a long time and we are only hearing one side. As everyone knows there is always more to the story. It's always been a safe and friendly place to visit and will always will be.

VFW POST 4721 Harassed at the VFW
by amp343 in CAMBRIDGE, OH

I visited the VFW in Caldwell Ohio yesterday. I had about one beer so I purchased another. I had about one sip left of my open beer when I decided to go outside for some air because the place is just too small. So I go up the steps take the last sip and loo for a trash can (while still having an unopened beer). The bar tender (Jessica Davis) says you can't take that I say ok I'll just stay in here then. The bar tenders friends the says what kind of idiot are you that you think you can take beer from a bar? I say I thought you could take it as long as it was unopened. The bar tender then grabs the beer out of my hand while her friend grabs my arm and drags me down the steps. I was so surprised at this behavior that I didn't even fight back. The friend then says with a lot of profanity ( that I will not mention) get out. I am just so flabbergasted that someone would treat me this way. As a veteran I will be filing charges and contacting the better business bureau.

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