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Property Damage Appraisers

Winston Salem, NC,27101


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Property Damage Appraisers
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Property Damage Appraisers is located in Winston Salem, NC


Property Damage Appraisers has not updated this section.


Property Damage Appraisers can be reached at 336‑785‑1964

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Property Damage Appraisers They will low-ball your estimate
by jchap1022 in LEXINGTON, NC

I was involved in an automobile accident and was not at fault. The other party's insurance company hired Property Damage Appraisers of Winston-Salem to do a repair estimate on my car. Their estimate was considerably lower than the estimates I got on my own. The adjuster who came out to see my car was a jerk. He wanted to repair all the major parts instead of replacing. PDA works on behalf of the insurance company and will low-ball their estimate. Now, I'm having to negotiate with the insurance company for repairs. I looked up this company and found that they are a large corporation noted for their saving insurance companies tons of money which is why insurance companies use them. No matter how nice they may sound on the phone, they are not working in your best interests.

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