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Little Star Day Care
7 Delaware Ave
Gloversville, NY,12078


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Little Star Day Care
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Little Star Day Care is located in Gloversville, NY


Little Star Day Care has not updated this section.


Little Star Day Care can be reached at 518‑773‑2422

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Little Star Day Care The Little Star Day Care
by rene0201 in GLOVERSVILLE, NY

I took my children to the little star daycare many years ago in Gloversville NY. That place was always filled. The kids were always happy and busy. They took the big kids on field trips and swimming every day, my kids had a balll. All the staff were great with the kids and the owners were the best! I am a gramma now and wish there was still aplace like that now. There will never bw another daycare in this world like little star and the state guy drove them all crazy...its too bad, we loved them all.

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