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Jc Discount Fuel
45 Middle Country Rd
Coram, NY,11727


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Jc Discount Fuel
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Jc Discount Fuel is located in Coram, NY


Jc Discount Fuel has not updated this section.


Jc Discount Fuel can be reached at 631‑732‑4800

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Jc Discount Fuel you should be ashamed
by daisyduck2 in MOUNT SINAI, NY

People should check what someone is writing before it should be allowed to be posted this Jiffy Jaffy is a liar and and it is very unfair that he should be allowed to write such nonsense I recommend anyone who would like to try this company call their office and find out the truth

Jc Discount Fuel ZERO STARS
by Jiffy Jaffy in RONKONKOMA, NY

Jc discount fuel can keep their 2 cents, as a matter of fact i'd pay up to 10 cents more a gallon before ever using this wanna be mafia oil company again. Be warned on the Better Business Bureaus website they have a score of D-, F is the worst. Do yourself a favor and go ANY place else, the owners wife is a disgrace. She will threaten you, cancel you, curse you, yell like a maniac at you, and totally disrespect you and your family by calling you and them names. She thinks her husband is something he is not "mafia" and will threaten you using him. This place is a joke, their customer service is a joke, their drivers are a joke, and their owners are a joke.

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