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Newport Centre Dental
30 Mall Dr W Suite 152a
Jersey City, NJ,7310


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Newport Centre Dental
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Newport Centre Dental is located in Jersey City, NJ


Newport Centre Dental has not updated this section.


Newport Centre Dental can be reached at 201‑626‑2500

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Newport Centre Dental No Care for DMO Carrier
by edoardos in JERSEY CITY, NJ

Lack of Professional Service and assistance to DMO Plan Carriers, I went there for cavities, general evaluation and to overview a tooth broken, they refer me to another dentist and NO SERVICE at ALL Provided, NO CLEANUP, NO CAVITIES FIXES, but the WORST of ALL: NO BILL, NO PAPER REPORT, I request an estimate for services done and see my options I just received a vulgar verbiage "it would be $xxx " after desk lady went all nervous through books, ask someone in the back, AND I DID NOT SEE DOCOTR NAM MAKING ANY NOTES!!!!

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