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111 Paterson Ave
Hoboken, NJ,07030


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ACADEMY BUS is located in Hoboken, NJ


ACADEMY BUS has not updated this section.


ACADEMY BUS can be reached at 201‑420‑7000

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ACADEMY BUS Horrible Bus Service
by Philtrans in ENGLISHTOWN, NJ

I commute to Wall Street from Monmouth County, NJ and the service has deteriorated over the past two months where it is no longer possible to use this service. Academy has significantly reduced the number of buses (during rush hours) but refuses to admit so to their riding public. You can wait 30-45 minutes for a bus in either direction (after the published schedule). This is especially true with buses to/from Gordon's Corner Road. The "dispatcher" at the first stop (leaving from downtown Manhattan) actually hides in a waiting bus to avoid speaking and answering passenger questions about the next bus. Several people have called to complain about the service but have received no response. Do yourself a favor and commute using NJ Transit to the Port Authority and subway down to Wall Street. It may be slightly costlier but well worth it (as buses during rush hour arrive every 5-10 minutes). Stay away from Academy.

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