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D & G Limousine
286 Inman Ave
Colonia, NJ,07067


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D & G Limousine
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D & G Limousine is located in Colonia, NJ


D & G Limousine has not updated this section.


D & G Limousine can be reached at 732‑388‑7440

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D & G Limousine It was great !
by DianaVik in COLONIA, NJ

I need a car for my upcoming wedding. I wanted something unusual. I wanted that my wedding cars was not like everyone else. On the site I found your company. You have excellent selection of car for different taste. I promptly found what I needed. I choose big white Range Rover. You have a convenient location. Pleasantly surprised price. I thought that everything would be much more expensive. You have polite and punctual driver. When all of my guests saw my wedding car they were shocked. Thanks to you, I'll remember this day for a long time.

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