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Bermaken Hotel
102 Revere St
Hull, MA,02045


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Bermaken Hotel
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Bermaken Hotel is located in Hull, MA


Bermaken Hotel has not updated this section.


Bermaken Hotel can be reached at 781‑925‑9841

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Bermaken Hotel DONT STAY HERE! Better places elsewhere.
by Tigeres2016 in CHESTNUT HILL, MA

Even thought all the neighbors were friendly and nice, both the owners were rude. They don't give 24 hours notice to kick you out. By the law, for boarding houses, they are required to give 7 days notice so you can find a place to move. If anyone looking for a place like this, you need to know your rights unless it's different written on your contract. I was homeless for 2 months. I told them I didn't have a place to stay, Steve said, "I don't f&cking care, you're the lousiest parker here, just get the hell out". They overprice the weekly rent too. You can get rent cheaper paying by month and better living space.

Bermaken Hotel Had a Great Stay - Would Live There Again
by misc21248 in BOSTON, MA

I had a different experience from the other reviewer. I stayed at the Bermaken two times. Once in 2013 and recently for a shorter period. I really enjoyed it. It's not a fancy place, but it was clean and the people were nice. Thought price was fair enough. I've been recommending it to people I know. Would definitely stay there a 3rd time.

Bermaken Hotel Don't Call, Keep Looking
by pixiestix in HULL, MA

The Bathrooms are tiny and not very clean. My room was over priced for it's size and was constantly cold due to the lack of insulation in the windows. The manager Ellen is a Royal Bitch. She has no idea how to conduct business. Her dogs were everywhere in the Hotel, especially the kitchen and living area. Steve, the other manager is a great guy.. very caring and professional. Still waiting for my Security check.. 2 weeks later. Expect to pay at least 3 times your wkly rent in the beginning.

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