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100 W Monroe St Ste 400
Chicago, IL,60603


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KENSINGTON RESEARCH & RECOVERY can be reached at 312‑220‑0001

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KENSINGTON RESEARCH & RECOVERY this company is a scam!
by eva251025 in STREAMWOOD, IL

WARNING, WARNING! THIS COMPANY IS A SCAM....... Kensington Research and Recovery 209 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60606 TEL (312) 220-0001FAX (312) 340-5713 So this guy Micheal Meyer from Kensington Research and Recovery. Cold call us and promised us that his company would save us two thousand or more in our home insurance a year, and told us there is no catch. He also said no payment would be needed till we receive a tax refund from the government and from that check they would take 50% and no up front cost and for any reason that we do not get a refund there will be no charge and for two more years they would file the tax refund for free, so that day he said we are on a three day deadline and he will email us the contract and once we get the email to call him, so we did so. He was on the phone with us explaining the contract fast instead of us taking our time to read it. So now the truth and the real scam unveils. Its been two months since we had communication with Micheal Meyer from Kensington Research and Recovery we get a call from a Sarah Bates from Kensington Research and Recover telling us that Micheal Meyer no longer works for Kensington Research and Recovery which is a lie, because when we call Kensington Research and Recovery he still has his own direct line and voicemail with him speaking on it, they pass the case to another sales rep scum to close the deal to us that there is no check coming and that we will have to pay the fee of couple of hundred dollars and just with there words that you could save money on your future taxes, which is a big fat lie. So we told them that we will not pay it and they answered back with a treat, we will send it to collections, for those people that do care about there credit they would have some concerns. So this is a public awareness. THEY ARE SCAMMERS,LIERS AND PREY ON PEOPLE'S WEAKNESS TO STEAL THEIR MONEY.... When we talked to Micheal Meyer from Kensington Research and Recovery we told him that my husband is out of work and we had just purchased our home seven months ago and we would not be able to pay anything from our pocket, and he said to us no worries it will not cost you anything till you get a check from the government from a tax return from our homeowners tax refund. We would have never signed up if we were not getting any return, because we don’t have to money to pay out of pocket. We mentioned this to him many times. I don’t know how companies like this continue to exist when they target hard working Americans and steal there hard woking earnings. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM FROM! Kensington Research and Recovery 209 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 800 Chicago, IL 60606 TEL (312) 220-0001FAX (312) 340-5713

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