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Accent Global Staffing
3295 River Exchange Dr., Ste 240
Norcross, GA,30092


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Accent Global Staffing
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Business Details

Accent Global Staffing, LLC is a leading provider of highly skilled workers on a project, contract-to-hire and direct hire basis for all size companies across all industries.

We offer flexibility, specialized talent, cost savings that will help improve productivity, employee attraction, motivation and retention for all size firms across all industries in the following areas:
Accounting & Finance Administration
Human Resources
Sales & Marketing
Manufacturing & Warehouse


Accent Global Staffing has not updated this section.


Accent Global Staffing can be reached at 678‑743‑8705

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Accent Global Staffing This company is a great company to do business with.
by aspsolar in NORCROSS, GA

This company is a great company to do business with. Employees are very professional and knows they are doing. We are getting our money's worth from the services this company is providing us. Check them out. You will love their services.

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