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Career Pro Resume Center
6075 Roswell Rd NE
Atlanta, GA,30328


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Career Pro Resume Center is located in Atlanta, GA


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Career Pro Resume Center can be reached at 404‑252‑8777

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Career Pro Resume Center CPR revives your resumes!
by akessler87 in ATLANTA, GA

Career Pro Resumes is a great company that gives you an impressive resume for a very reasonable price. Jody Gothard is an instant like with his great sense of humor, willingness to listen, and patience with both clients and employees. He can give you the resume you need, when you need it. The way Jody runs his business is not only professional, advantageous, and beneficial, but also he and his awesome team are ethical, accommodating, and a pleasure to work with. CPR (Career Pro Resumes) revives your old, poorly written, and/or barely-written resumes to life. My experience can attest to the excellent customer service. I recommend you to talk to Jody and check it out the amazing company! Remember: Free consultation, highly advantageous resume in a timely manner and amazing results! Thank you, CPR for reviving my resume! I give you 5 stars.

Career Pro Resume Center Very bad experience
by baexxx in CUMMING, GA

Recently, I hired Jody Gothard at CareerPro to completely revamp my resume, which ended up being a horrendous, expensive experience. My sole purpose of posting this review is to help those seeking a resume service to be well informed, as the results could make or break your job search. Prior to contracting services with Jody Gothard, I wish I had read the negative reviews online, which are quite accurate. This was my experience. I first met Jody towards the end of the business day, discussing precisely what I was looking for in a resume, including the layout. His style of selling his services in my opinion is a pressured, hard sell, where he proceeds to brag about his “award winning writing skills and team of expert writers,” then proceeds to show a stack of “award winning resumes.” Jody Gothard assured me that he would personally create my new resume. Upon paying Jody, I felt rushed, with the distinct feeling that my check would be cashed that very day (which it was). CareerPro only accepts cash and checks, no credit cards. This is a big red flag, as clients have no recourse in protecting themselves for, in my opinion substandard service. I then scheduled an appointment for the following week (5 days later) to review my newly created resume. Upon arriving at Jody’s office, he shook my hand as if we were meeting for the first time, asking what he can do for me, appearing to have completely forgotten that we had met five days earlier. I ask if he was kidding, and he appeared flustered, leafing through a stack of incomplete resumes on his desk, pulling out my old resume, which was left with him earlier. The new resume had not even been started, as promised. I then scheduled another appointment for the following week, again with the promise that he would personally be writing my resume. The resume Jody handed me the following week appeared to be written at an elementary school level, and was completely unacceptable. I was astounded at the level of poor quality. When I inquired as to who wrote it, Jody informed me that it was written not by him, but rather by a member of his “professional team of writers.” I sat in his office and went through my resume line by line, rewriting most, feeling I had to fight for a decent acceptable final product, with most of the input supplied by myself. There are many resume templates you can find online that are free of charge, and if you are supplying the majority of the information just to have Jody rewrite it, then save yourself the money. As I found out, I would have been quite capable of writing it myself. In my opinion, the final product was not worth the expense or the stress it created, which in hindsight, is overpriced. Also, in my opinion, I WOULD NOT HIRE JODY GOTHARD AT CAREERPRO. Shop around, negotiate, and get personal references from competent resume services used by friends, family, and colleagues.

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