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PALM CHEVROLET INC is located in Ocala, FL


PALM CHEVROLET INC has not updated this section.


PALM CHEVROLET INC can be reached at 352‑629‑8011

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by jzingale in OCALA, FL

First of all, the salesman, Neil Stephani, is the only saving grace for this dealership! I leased a 2016 Malibu in mid march. I was down here caring for my mother who is ill and the car I was leasing needed to be turned in. They knew the car had to be registered in SC where I live and assured me that tax, tag, title, transfer, etc. was included in the deal. They didn't turn ant paperwork until 7/21. I then had to bring the car in for warranty and recall work on 7/27 (had to be towed in). When I picked up the car on 8/1 I inquired about the registration. They had it but no tag decal. I have now been advised (8/16) that there is a SC tax owed and I have to take care of that and if I get a ticket it's my problem. The service was also a nightmare. I needed a loaner car and they said they couldn't authorize until they confirmed it was warranty work though they knew about the recalls. It wasn't until 7/16 they determined it was warranty work (the car was 3 mos. old) and gave me a car to drive. The service guy Dave was rude and when my tag issue heated up I couldn't get a call back from the F & I guys, JD and Jeff, ot the Sales Mgr. Dominic. The only guy who responded to me and stayed on it was Neil. I had to call Chevy corporate just to get them to give me the bad news. They also have a store in Gainesville. I would steer clear of the dealership and Chevy in general. I only gave it one star because this mechanism wouldn't allow me to give none. This is the absolute worse experience I have ever had in buying/leasing a car. They really don't care about customers after they purchase a car and define the stereotype of car sales. They are rude, unresponsive and dishonest. I will make sure to speak to anyone who is thinking about going there to help them avoid this type of experience. I would say shame on them but they have no shame!

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