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Cintas Maura MD PA Faap
9000 SW 137th Ave
Miami, FL,33186


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Cintas Maura MD PA Faap
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Cintas Maura MD PA Faap is located in Miami, FL


Cintas Maura MD PA Faap has not updated this section.


Cintas Maura MD PA Faap can be reached at 305‑383‑1902

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Cintas Maura MD PA Faap Not a happy parent
by Patty llanos in MIAMI, FL

This Dr Maura Cintas must be paying for positive reviews. Saw four great reviews on healthgrade but didn't notice they were all on the same day. May 21, 2016. I should have known better. Needless to say my visit was a terrible experience and the follow up no better. I went to another doctor after this. In short she threatened to call family services because I wasn't in agreement with a medication. A supplement in particular to my child. The nerve of this woman. On top of this her practice in the Miller office is a pigsty. Worse than anything I've ever seen before. She has no manners whatsoever and pushes for needless tests. I guess a lot of money is the reason for this. Go elsewhere is all I can say.

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