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18171 Biscayne Blvd
Aventura, FL,33160


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DAVID S BISTRITZ DDS is located in Aventura, FL


DAVID S BISTRITZ DDS has not updated this section.


DAVID S BISTRITZ DDS can be reached at 305‑933‑2501

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DAVID S BISTRITZ DDS BEWARE OF Dr. David Bistritz of Aventura Dental Center
by cstevenson in MIAMI, FL

BEWARE OF Dr. David Bistritz of Aventura Dental Center. If you are considering becoming a patient at Aventura Dental Center and being in the care of Dr Bistritz, I strongly suggest that you don't put your dental health in the hands of such a grossly negligent 'dentist' who doesn't respect women. He is NOT involved with the regular care of patients who come in for regular cleanings and MIS-DIAGNOSED a simple fracture of my tooth for over 10 months blaming my tooth pain on tooth sensitivity caused by potential teeth whiting or grinding, but that was not the case. Because of the pro-longed mis-diagnosis my tooth became severly infected and the simple fracture went all the way through the tooth and down to my gums and unfortunately the tooth was too far gone to be saved. Upon finding out I had the tooth removal done by another dentist, a peridontist, Dr bistritz become was ARGUMENTATIVE and RAISED HIS VOICE while he TALKED DOWN TO ME. Trying to protect himself from his MISDIAGNOSIS.

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