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Gross Richard S Atty
4649 E Colfax Ave
Denver, CO,80220


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Gross Richard S Atty is located in Denver, CO


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Gross Richard S Atty can be reached at 303‑333‑7744

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Gross Richard S Atty How come this unethical corrupt attorney not disbarred
by stoubia in AURORA, CO

The factual basis for this review arises from unethical, incompetent, self – serving, deceptive handling of case "My Case" and equally as important are prior cases based on information and a strong belief are ongoing cases of similar nature. Richard S. Gross Violating his duty as an attorney (Bus. & Prof. Code, misleading courts (Bus. & Prof. Code, offered false, untruthful, & concealed information when filed claims with Arapahoe County Court & served me summons twice) and by committing acts of moral turpitude, dishonesty & corruption (serving personal interest desiring financial gains, after violating all codes of professional conduct, signing contingency agreement, violating legal and professional rights, privacy & confidentiality, as my attorney, violating conflict of interest rules for his personal financial gain). This is not an insulated prevalence. There should be no courtesy or respectful mitigating factor in "Richard S. Gross" several incidents of documented disciplinary record in only the last 10 years! He had been practicing twenty-nine years when the misconduct occurred. his prior offenses are especially disturbing & troubling. Richard S. Gross has been practicing long enough to know that his conduct was wrong, disgracing his profession! Based on "Richard Gross" long history of wrongdoing as provided herein, "Richard Gross" suggests that he is a repeat offender capable of committing wrongdoing in the future and will likely do so if not disbarred immediately. It is demanded, & our efforts will not stop until review department order that "Richard Gross" be disbarred from the practice of law in the State of Colorado and his name be stricken from the roll of attorneys. The factual infractions here regarding "Richard S. Gross" conduct are summarized as follows: 1.Numerous, Multiple and Repeated Instances of Unprofessional and Unethical Behavior 2.Willful Negligence of Rules of Professional Conduct. 3.Honesty Requirement; Prohibition on Deception 5.Fraudulent Willful & Contrived Misrepresentations 6.Acted with oppression, malice, and fraud 7.Failed to Respond to Client 8.Professional Misconduct 9.Motivated by Bad Faith or a Conscious Desire to gain financially by extorting a client 10.Made False Declarations to a Court 12.Encouraging Lawsuits from Corrupt Motive of Passion or Interest 13.Action engagement in Threatening Criminal, Administrative, and/or slander against his client for personal financial gains 14.Gross carelessness and negligence violating the oath of an attorney to faithfully discharge his duties to the best of his knowledge and ability involving moral turpitude as he breaches the relationship owed to his clients.

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