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What is the MAXX?

The Maxx Taxi is a state-of-the-art tour vehicle that was to be mass produced by Hummer and deployed as the standard for backcountry touring in the 21st century.  It combines all the comfort of a Hummer limousine with all the off-road ability of a Jeep--hence the term "Hum-jeep".  Five prototypes were completed by early 2001 only months before the 9/11 tragedy. 
Today, the "Hummer" name is for sale but is drawing very little interest on the global market.  So now the five prototypes remain:  there are two Hum-jeeps in South Africa, one in New Zealand, one in Montana, and the one that is gearing up ready to provide the RAREST AND MOST SPECTACULAR VIEWS of the Temecula Wine Country!                                                                                                   

MAXX Itinerary

THE "MAXX" EXCURSION--Three Wineries (15-18 tastes included), Gourmet Picnic Lunch, and an amazing Backcountry Excursion.
Duration: 3.5 hours       Price:  $139 per person
Call today (951)331-0385. 
This tour meets at the Cougar Winery.  Check the map at the bottom of the page.  You will taste 15-18 wines at THREE of the wineries on the prestigious De Portola Wine Trail.  A picnic lunch will be served at at beautiful outdoor venue compliments of Temecula's Boar's Head Deli.  Then, get ready for quite a "sobering" experience!
You'll be amazed how THE MAXX  overtakes Temecula's surrounding mesas and buttes along well-groomed trails with relative ease!  Eventually, THE MAXX ascends and sets atop "The Thrill Hill".   Bring your camera!  You will want to forever treasure this RARE and MOST SPECTACULAR view of the entire Temecula Valley!
What else is cool?  If you feel you've had enough wine after visiting TWO wineries, feel free to take a COMPLIMENTARY bottle of Cougar Winery"s Vermentino to enjoy at home!

Optional Shuttle Services

The Wine Country Shuttle, unlike The Maxx, is a fully-enclosed luxury passenger van equipped with individual reclining captain's chairs for maximum comfort. 
Pickup Locations:   ALL Temecula Hotels and Resorts  $49 per person R/T.  Shuttle transportation  includes a picnic lunch compliments of Temecula's Boar's Head Deli OR a free bottle of wine compliments of Cougar Winery.
Call (951)331-0385 to make arrangements.

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Legendary Wine Tours Wine tasting and tour in Temecula, CA
by tmg4sbn in Laguna Hills, CA

What a great time we had! Jeff and Scott are pros! We wanted to avoid driving after wine tasting all day so they arranged for a pick up and drop off at the hotel we were staying at near by. You ride around in the comfort of a hummer all day. We visited the best wineries and had the VIP tour. They took us of the standard path and we saw great views. It was amazing.. In the middle of the day we stopped off for a great deli lunch, which by this time is much needed! Would love to do the wine tasting and tour in Temecula again soon!!

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