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Chuy's Corporate Office
2215 1st St Ste 101
Simi Valley, CA,93065


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Chuy's Corporate Office
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Chuy's Corporate Office is located in Simi Valley, CA


Chuy's Corporate Office has not updated this section.


Chuy's Corporate Office can be reached at 800‑342‑4897

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Chuy's Corporate Office Poor upper management customer service
by Lcallands10 in RALEIGH, NC

I visited chuys restaurant in raleigh nc for the 1st time on Cinco De mayo. The food was great, but a few days after that night I realized my credit card had been charged an additional charge. I contacted the restaurant and spoke with the general manager, who in the short of things offered an adjustment of the charge, but did not apologize for the error nor did she offer anything for the inconvenience it caused. I now have to wait 3-5 days for a credit, and could not even get a simple apology at the least. Needless to say that was my 1st and last visit. I'm very disappointed. People are usually a bit more willing to make customers happy and keep them coming back, but apparently that's not the case here.

Chuy's Corporate Office Sara Foutz-Plano, Tx
by BriSandoval in PLANO, TX

I had Sara Foutz as a bartender at the Plano location of Chuy's off highway 75. And I will never go back there again. She was extremely rude, used a lot of profanity, continued talking trash about multiple different girls who were a part of her personal life and girls who also worked there. Her drinks were weak, she gave terrible service, she was on her phone the majority of the time. I used to be a server, so I know how it is, but this was absolutely horrendous behavior. She mentioned she was in her 20s, but acted like a spoiled 5 year old throwing a tantrum. I do have some favorite servers there, and I usually go a few times a month and always tip generously, but because of Sara, I will never go back to the location again. I used to bring in big parties of friends who all were servers as well, but we will be taking our business else where. She should be fired immediately. The worst service I have ever experienced in my life. Very disappointed.

Chuy's Corporate Office Employs are allowed to ignore ventura health & safty rules
by tlabar55 in SIMI VALLEY, CA

I was at chuys, in simi.. The one next to simi theaters. I ordere chix tacos. When the girl brought them to me. Their was long black hair in them. When i took them back to the girl. At the counter. I noticed her hair was not pulled up & back, & the same color as the hair in my taco. When i asked why she did not have her hair up. She told me that anyone that works at chuys dosent have to have their hair. Securied away so it wont get in our food. Gross im calling the health department.

Chuy's Corporate Office Bad Chuy's chicken at 22nd and Kolb in Tucson
by tucsonwilly in SAFFORD, AZ

I LOVE your chicken but someone needs to check out the store on 22nd street and Kolb in Tucson, AZ. I bought the $12 whole chicken and brought it home only to be severely disappointed. It looked like the grilled chicken I was used to but the flavor was bland. I do not know what they are doing there but someone needs to have a word with them. The tri-tip was nothing to write home about as well. A week ago I was at the Chuy's on Haughton road in Tucson and was totally satisfied with dropping $30 just to have some leftovers for later. Hope you look into this. Dissatisfied customer.

Chuy's Corporate Office Unprofessional Management
by vg2628 in DEER PARK, TX

I'm very upset with the management staff at the Chuy's at the River Oaks location, 2706 Westheimer to come on the floor and confront the Best emp: waiter they have in front of Loyal Customers he has many customers that ask for him we come every week he gives 110 % to his job that was very rude to belittle this waiter! The management at River Oaks are very unprofessional. Manager Darrel & Melissa need to take a course in management skills. God Bless Yunior he is very professional, Great customer service.

Chuy's Corporate Office very unsatisfied
by tanyacc in DENTON, TX

Chuys in Denton tx was so horrible on their customer service. My husband and I ordered fajitas. If I pay $27 for some fajitas i expect to at least get my own rice and beans and a plate to eat on. I asked five times for plate for us to eat and they brought me a spoon. Had to ask four times for my daughter a refill and my older daughter had a hair wrapped around her French fries. They did correct it but it took 20 min for a new plate of chicken nuggets. We were a large group of church friends so I took that into consideration until another person has a hair in his drink and the waitress came over and pulled out the hair and said it was plastic and hands the drink back to him. Even if it was plastic there was something in the drink that didn't belong. So my husband and I ate our fajitas with no plates and shared one spoon because I was too frustrated to even ask for a manager. I would really appreciate chuys to contact me about this but I doubt they will.

Chuy's Corporate Office Chuy's Opry Mills, Nashville, TN
by Stabamja2014 in BOWLING GREEN, KY

We ate at the bar and were disgusted with what we saw. The bartender was washing the glasses in the sink by just dipping the lip of the glasses and rinses them and stacking them back up and reusing them. We couldn't even finish our meal. I don't think I could ever go back there. It's a shame because I have eaten there so many times and enjoyed it, but I can't get over this.

Chuy's Corporate Office Not Happy with Tulsa ok
by mckkmoore in COLLINSVILLE, OK

We have been happy with Chuy's in Tulsa until tonight. Our waiter was a young girl who was extremely rude. Our food came out wrong. We talked to the manage who we feel blew us off only getting us a new waiter which service was still poor. We were charged full price for our food that wasn't even correct. i am not sure we will go back!

Chuy's Corporate Office Rude host!!
by Chickadee32888 in BOWLING GREEN, KY

My husband and I have eaten at the Chuy's in Bowling Green, KY several times and have always been happy with the service. However, on Saturday September 21, 2013, we walked in (We were the only people waiting in the lobby) and instead of being greeted by the host we were purposely ignored by the guy who was at the host desk...he made sure not to even look at us or make any eye contact while he answered a few phone calls, talked to a waitress, and finally during another phone call looked at us and held up two fingers and mouthed 'two?'. This was right before we were about to walk out. The best part was that there was a pink sticker strategically placed on his name tag right in the middle to cover up his name so all we could see was the first letter, which was a K. The only reason we will go back is because our server was awesome, however that host needs to be dealt with. I get it that sometimes you are busy, but it only takes two seconds to say 'hey ill be right with you.'

Chuy's Corporate Office Bowling Green Kentucky location
by Unhappy customer in BOWLING GREEN, KY

I went to a Chuy's location in Bowling Green, KY and I am NOT happy! My card was charged TWICE and it still has not dropped off the other charge!!!!! I called 2 times to speak to the GM which is trying to get this matter taken care of! But it just doesn't look good on their end. Because the server put in the amount wrong for her tip and then had to reopen my card! This matter has overdrawn my account! So I am not a happy customer! I do eat there very often so I hate for this to make me NOT want to go back! Signed a very unhappy customer!

Chuy's Corporate Office Going above and beyond!
by Jamesw1983 in GREENVILLE, SC

My wife and I recently went to the Greenville SC location and got the best service I have received at a in a restaurant! We were both extremely excited to go to a chuy's since we are both from Texas and have missed real tex-mex! Ashley, Sterling and KC all stepped it up and made us feel at home and even went a step further with a special order that most of the staff haft even heard of. I can't give the enough praise, thank you Chuy's for makin a displaced Texans day!

Chuy's Corporate Office the TERRIFIC staff at the clarksville indiana store
by kimc3383 in LOUISVILLE, KY

my husband and i recently visited your restaurant in clarksville indiana..just wanted to tell you that the team you have at this store should be YOUR MODEL for all of yours stores. as we were leaving we noticed a lady sitting at a booth by herself and i questioned the server about her, the manager (pat) came over and told me the lady was homeless and that the servers had all chipped in from their tips and served her dinner, i asked what they were gonna do with her and they had no idea, i went to the lady and asked if she had somewhere to go and she told me no. the manager pat quickly got on the phone and found a shelter that would accept the lady, i willingly paid for a cab to take her there, but as we were talking a server (young guy) came to pat and asked if he could give her a ride!! i could not believe the compassion and thoughtfullnes of all of your staff. if we could have staff like yours that you have there in many more places it would be wonderful!! please give them 5 stars!!!!

Chuy's Corporate Office Bartender & Staff Personnel- Arlington, Texas
by ncaa818 in ARLINGTON, TX

We took my wife's parents for his retirement dinner and happy hour. My wife had located a table and none of the staff came to the table for her drink order unitl I asked the bartender for (4) margaritas. the bartender told me that "a waiter will be there shortly, I am serving the bar customers". My wife had arrived 10 to 15 minutes before I did and heard the bartender comments. We order our food and were in need of another round. The waitress answer was " you order from the bar, so do you want me to take another order". What balls for someone to say that to a paying customer? I was not only shocked but pissed that people who are in the food service business have this attutide toward there customer and think this is acceptable. We spoke to the manager, but the staff person apology was unacceptable. She denied that she was rude to us. This was unacceptable for a retirement dinner celebration.

Chuy's Corporate Office First Time to Eat at Chuy's
by Rbruton in ITASCA, TX

Chuy's 14855 Interstate 35, Selma, TX 78154 United States Everyone should know this address!!! I ate at Chuy's for the first time today...and I loved it. We ate with another couple and we special ordered just about everything, from the guacamole to the main dish. Our waitress was fabulous!!! She got everything right!! Our chip bowl never made it to empty!!! Fresh drinks came out faster than we could drink them!!! The food came out quickly!!! The cooks were awesome!!! The food came out hot and delicious!! As I said earlier we special ordered everything...and they were spot on. The dinning room was playing enjoyable music, but we could still carry on a coversation without having to yell!! The bathrooms were clean and smelled good!!! If I pay more than $10-$15 per plate plus appetizers and drinks I expect great service and they nailed it!!! Chuy's thank you for such a great dinning experience!!!

Chuy's Corporate Office Very disappointing
by Jsm in KATY, TX

My wife and I recently visited one of our favorite Mexican restaurants, Chuy's . As a matter of fact, it's a new location by our house so it's closer. The evening started out great, however quickly turned into an evening less desired. After appetizers and a full meal, we were asked to leave after the bartender accused us of consuming too much alcohol . Which consisted of 4 or 2 a piece of their house drinks, the frozen red sangria margaritas. To make things short, we were asked to leave because of the brown tone of our skin. The irony of being a Mexican Restaurant and kicking out the Mexican customer. I felt like crying. I asked the manager why I was being exited and he could not find a responsible answer. Very disappointing from a customer who loved this restaurant. we will never step foot in the doors of this restaurant, ever. My wife works for corporate for one of the nations top bedding retailer and will highly recommend for her employees to reconsider visiting this establishment

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