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“Success is your obligation, duty, and responsibility.” – Grant Cardone

GRANT CARDONE is an International Sales Training Expert and NY Times Best Selling Author, whose books and programs have positively affected hundreds of thousands of people and organizations worldwide. A regular contributor on Fox & Friends, Grant has also been covered on CNBC, CNN, the Wall Street Journal and over 700 radio shows nationwide.

Grant’s unique, common-sense approach along with his humor, wit and infectious energy allow him to connect with any audience giving him the title of the “Entrepreneur of the 21st Century."

With his core tenets built on the basics, he believes that a company succeeds only through selling and that even the family unit relies on selling to improve their station in life.

From Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations, individuals and companies alike are using Grant’s techniques and systems to increase their effectiveness and value in the marketplace.


The author of three published books, Grant is a NY Time’s Best-Selling Author.

Continuing the tradition of bringing innovative sales tools, technologies, and the solutions to life, Grant is also the creator of the state-of-the- art, interactive online sales training center:

His latest project is a brand new television show called Turnaround King, premiering on National Geographic Channel on Sunday, June 19, 2011 at 9pm. In it, Grant visits failing business and utilizing his advice and strategies turn the business around to not only save the livelihood of those people but America; one company at a time.

Mr. Cardone currently resides with his wife, actress Elena Lyons, and daughter in Los Angeles, CA with another child on the way.


The processes and technologies Grant puts forth are real world proven techniques, being used by top sales professionals world-wide. These techniques provide immediate results in increased deliveries, gross, efficiency and overall productivity. You will begin to maximize the existing opportunities you experience daily with remarkable results.

Grant demonstrates techniques and strategies for implementing the right attitude, the right actions and the right approach. When ones approach is in line with a professional and profitable attitude, your actions take on a power that few sales professionals experience. By knowing the areas of difficulty and honing in on them until one is expert, your ability to move through obstacles is greatly increased.

It is essential that you are equipped with fresh, workable, information-based tools that support you in handling objections, preventing objections, increasing write-ups, negotiating, closing and prospecting. Grant Cardone provides the information you need to fully equip yourself with a sales education that will position you as superior in your field. 

So ask yourself these questions and decide if you are ready for the most explosive sales education available!

Do you want to accomplish more in your field?

Do you want to increase your income?

What are the challenges in your field? 

What are you doing to meet and exceed those challenges?

Are you content with your current level of production?

What is your ideal situation?

What are you doing to ensure you get there?

Are you willing to take action to achieve your dreams?

Reviews(2) Write Review My personal production Doubled and my Income Tripled after Grant Cardon
by GlassCactus in Long Beach, CA

a buddy of mine, who is one of the co founders of used to be a great sales trainer and he worked for one of the very best sales trainers of all time, so when I asked him where he would go for sales training, he recommeneded Grant Cardon! I've attended 2 workshops, liustened to tapes and read one of Grants income has tripled and I actually love it when someone tells me that their 'just looking' Thank you Ray Leonard for the referral and thanks Grant Cardon for the technology! This guy GRANT CARDONE is the real deal
by System Account in Mission Viejo, CA

My company has been an avid participant in the Grant Cardone Technology programs...I would not let anyone on the the floor withour a visit with Grand and his technology

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