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Home Health Services, Insurance Consultants and Analysts, Retirement Planning Services
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Health Insurance:

We have all seen firsthand how the cost of Health Insurance has skyrocketed in recent months.


There is a better way! In most cases, we can save you 30-50% each month, while substantially improving your coverage.  Call us for a no obligation quote!

Program Includes:

Does your health insurance cost too much? Our program can save you up to 50% on your personal health plan. Call today and begin saving money on your healthcare coverage.


Doctor Visits





Free Air Ambulance



Preventive Care


  • Review your current health plan. 
  • Recommend and implement a plan that will serve your immediate needs and save you money.
  • I am available by phone to answer questions without having to call customer care and wait on the phone.
  • I provide personal attention to your healthcare coverage

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Health Plans 4 Less Don't fail to plan
by JaneyMartin in LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA

I previously had my money in the stock market. My money is worth the same today as it was 10 years ago. Virtually no growth. Thomas's retirement plans guarantee to go up and are guaranteed to never go down. These plans are indexed on the S & P 500. As the S & P goes up these plans go up. As the S & P goes down the plan stays level, it never goes down. So instead of going up & down like the stock market, mutual funds, or real estate. These plans stair step upward, they never go down at all. Put your money in a CD and it will take 178 years to double. With these plans, they typically double every 8 to 9 years. Janey M.

Health Plans 4 Less No Risk
by K. Peterson in LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA

I am at an age where retirement is very important. I got a plan that is guaranteed to never go down. My principle typically doubles every 9 years. I am done playing the wall street casino. You must see this to believe it. Kris P.

Health Plans 4 Less Great Savings and Less Exposure
by Janet U. D. in LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA

I recently got health insurance from Thomas. He not only saved me over 30% but now I have far greater protection, and less exposure than before. Janet Degn

Health Plans 4 Less All around protection
by Healthplans4less in COSTA MESA, CA

I'm very glad that I was referred to Thomas Uzelac. He has a completely unique and different approach to over all health care protection. I got 5 policies, health, dental, accident plan, critical illness, and life insurance for less money than I was paying for just health Insurance. You must see it to believe it. Call Thomas today 949-973-8700

Health Plans 4 Less I really like their programs
by OldBlu in Costa Mesa, CA

Tom Uzelac did a great job in presenting me with health coverage that I could afford. I highly recommend him.

Health Plans 4 Less Better Protection and Savings

Thomas Uzelac not only saved me 42% on my health insurance, I actually have less exposure than I did before. Shane C.

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