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      Spatique is located in Newport Beach, just off PCH, one block away from the bay. We've been in this location for the last five years.  We are a unique combination business, of skin/body care services/products and custom clothing design/alterations.
     Kyong has been in the tailoring, alteration and custom clothing business for over thirty years. In the last few years she has become interested in skin and body care, specificly, she is certified to perform Endermologie or Lipo Massage proceedures.  We also have an LED infared light skin rejuvenation bed to improve skin cell growth on all dermal levels.  We are the only place you can get this full body treatment in Orange County. (more on these subjects in the service section of this page)


     Spatique, uses and sells skin care products from various lines, such as Clayton Shagal, It Works (body wraps), Olea Essence, Via Lido, Vivant and Germaine de Capuccini. The products are used to minimize wrinkles, reduce acne scaring, repair sun damaged skin or reduce aging spots and increasing blood flow/circulation to the face that promotes production of collagen.
     After you are done with your facial/skin treatment you can brouse in our stylish boutique for clothing, silver and costume jewelry, and accessories.


     SpaTique, has a number of licensed estheticians who provide a range of skin and body care, body wraps, facials, masks, and mircodermabration treatments that will accomadate the needs of your type of skin while revitalizing and repairing damaged skin and acne and protect skin against sun damage and aging.  Go to our Web Sight and look over your options. 
     SpaTique specializes in Endermologie, or Lipo Massage and the LED skin rejuvination bed.  The equipment is state of the art and we are the only ones to have the LED Bed in Orange County.  Endermologie procedures improve body contures, tightens loose skin,  releases fatty acid from fat cells and removes celulite without surgery.
     The LED Skin Rejuvenation Bed uses infrared lights to stimulate and increase collagen growth, effecting the entire body, by triggering repairing mechanisms, and increasing fibroblast cells.  This inturn, increases circulation and the healing process by carrying more oxigen and nutrients to the skin cells.
     Microdermabration is a non-surgical treatment that does not require an anaesthetic for skin resurfacing.  It stimulates the production of new skin cells and collagen.  We use a crystal-free diamond wand machine which is less irritating to the skin and is less aggressive than lazer resurfacing.
     There is also a membership program where by singing up for one facial per month for six months, you can recieve discounted prices for many of our services

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Spatique skin care/beauty
by rich in costa mesa, CA

Located one block from the bay in Newport Beach, Spatique provides a unique unique combination of skin and body care, clothing boutique, custom clothing design and alterations.

Spatique I Love the Facials here!
by Julia in COSTA MESA, CA

I had a facial done here a few weeks ago. My skin felt so radiant afterwards. Since they do alterations there also I had a few things altered while I had my facial. Very Nice people! Thank you for everything!

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