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Bob Curtis

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CosmetiCare is located in Newport Beach, CA


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CosmetiCare can be reached at 949‑718‑6900

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CosmetiCare Great Result, Great Experience

When I wanted to do something about the lines on my forehead, I went to CosmetiCare for Botox. It was my first time with Botox and the results were super, just what I wanted. I've also has Juvederm for my lips and really liked the results! Both times I went to CosmetiCare, I've had Kat. I just love her! She spent a lot of time talking with me about what I wanted and what she thought I needed. She's so friendly and approachable. She talked me through the whole experience. My first time, I went with a friend who referred me. I think it's so great that I can go with a friend and hang out in the room together. The entire experience is great and I really appreciate that they take me on time so I don't have to wait.

CosmetiCare Slows Down the Aging Process
by Bridget T. in LAGUNA NIGUEL, CA

I go to CosmetiCare for treatments to slow down the aging process. I get Botox and Juvederm injections, Dermapen and HydraFacials to reduce wrinkles and make my facial skin clearer and more radiant. And I get a non-surgical procedure to reduce fat around my mid-section called TruSculpt. All of the treatments are effective almost immediately. The TruSculpt does take about six to eight weeks to show the decrease in the size of my midsection, but it lasts about a whole year. Both Charmaine and Lisa, who administer my treatments, are amazing. They're calming and sensitive. They also don't push me, they just suggest what they think will be best for my skin type. That gives me freedom and makes me trust them. It's why I keep going back. The CosmetiCare facility is also beautiful. For me, it's like going to a spa.

CosmetiCare Thrilled with the Results

I'm in business and it's a rather stressful lifestyle. I have this crease between my eyebrows from frowning a lot, and I've gotten Botox treatments to fill that in, which has made it vanish, thankfully. Recently, I contacted Kat at CosmetiCare to discuss doing the Juvederm and Voluma gel filler treatments to add volume to my cheeks and smooth the frown lines around my mouth. Admittedly, I was afraid to, because to me the typical "work" that people get done in Southern California just looks plastic and fake. I was adamant about looking natural. I repeated this over and over to poor Kat who listened patiently to my whole rant. She is very kind and patient and gentle. She understood completely and explained thoroughly how she would use half of the dosages she normally uses and what the effects would be. I was thrilled with the results. I'm very visible in my business role, and the comments I've received have all been exactly what I wanted to hear: that I just look well-rested. I am happy that it's so natural and I know it will last a long time.

CosmetiCare A Notch Above in Quality
by KaylaK in COSTA MESA, CA

I recently had a breast augmentation procedure by Dr. von Maur at CosmetiCare. I think he's really great, and I'm very happy with the result. I've also had Botox treatments at CosmetiCare. The nurses who do these are very expert, a notch above other places where I've had them treatments. The results are different, better at CosmetiCare.

CosmetiCare Lunchtime facelift is amazing
by joanburton in Costa Mesa, CA

In a lunchtime, I watched Cosmeticare inject Botox, Restylane & do laser on a woman and she looked amazing. There was an incredible difference. This is the best anti aging, non invasive procedure I have seen!

CosmetiCare Best Plastic Surgeon in Southern California
by bobsbn in Newport Beach, CA

I have known Dr. Niccole and his staff for some time now, and they are truly the best in Southern California, if not the entire country. Their patient care and treatment can not be beat. When you visit their offices, you will be impressed with the quality, care and concern they will give you. Please recommend them to anyone that may have interest in plastic surgery.

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