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Certified by:
Rich D'Alessio
Better than laser
Matrix for fine lines & wrinkles
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Business Details

Doctor John Laura is a Board Certified physician specializing in Cosmetic
Dermatology. He has over 15 years of experience performing noninvasive cosmetic procedures. In this time he has performed tens of thousands of procedures for patients from all over the world, including many internationally known celebrities.

Dr. Laura lectures nationwide on laser science and aesthetics, and he instructs other medical professionals on cutting-edge lasers, including Smartlipo, Botox and
Restylane techniques.

As an expert in the field of medical aesthetics, Dr. Laura has been featured on a number of national news programs demonstrating his procedures and discussing the benefits and safety of noninvasive cosmetic enhancements.

His techniques and experience have been recognized by Syneron™, manufacturer
of (laser) aesthetic devices, Allergan, manufacturer of Botox®, and Medicis™,
manufacturer of Restylane®.

About Velashape

The Wonderful World of Cellulite…

Unsightly cellulite is a problem that most woman deal with (yes even the celebrities & supermodels). We cover it, hide it, hate it and try to deny its existence every chance we get. The ever popular question is "How do we get rid of it"?

Cellulite is made up of fatty deposits that are trapped in the pockets just below the skin. This results in the ever so popular…lumpy, bumpy, dimpled, or (my personal favorite) "cottage cheese" appearance. While many factors can contribute to the "wonderful world of cellulite", the most common are GENETICS, age, skin type, diet, your level of body fat, lack of exercise and smoking.

So ladies (and lets not forget our gentlemen friends)-What can we do about Cellulite?

Of course the first and most crucial part of any treatment is diet, exercise and reducing fat. But now the good stuff…there are many so called "break through cellulite" treatments out there- Thermage, Zerona, Smooth shapes and Dr. Laura's personal favorite VelaShape.

Velashape "contours, shapes and slims the body by improving cellulite and reducing circumference in as few as 4 treatments. Velashape has promising, proven results with many great testimonials to support its efficacy. We have many happy, satisfied patients that have been part of our velashape program for years now! While results are not permanent…an effective maintenance program that is customized to your bodies specific problem areas and needs, will help you win the battle with cellulite (or at least give it a good fight). The recommended treatment regimen is a series of 4 treatments done once a week. Once you have reached your desired results we transition patients over to the maintenance program which spaces the treatments out to 1 treatment every 1-3 months. Velashape is not just for woman…we have many success stories with our male patients as well.

"Just say No" to cellulite…


Skin Services
- Botox®
- Fotofacial® RF
- Juvederm™
- Levulan®
- Medical Grade Skin Care
- Medical Peels
- Perlane®
- Radiesse®
- Restylane®
- Sclerotherapy (Spider Veins)
- Refirme™

Body Services
- Velashape™
- Sclerotherapy (Spider Veins)
- Laser Hair Removal

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Dr John Laura Expert Cosmetic Dermatology
by rich in costa mesa, CA

I have been going to Dr, Laura for years for Botox, Radiesse and Restylane. His state of the art procedures have performed extremely pleasing results.

Dr John Laura Best Staff, Best treatments
by joanburton in Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Laura & staff have been doing Botox, Restylane, & E Matrix on me for about 5 years. They are the best and I trust them to educate me on what the right treatment is for me. Every cosmetic procedure has been a huge success!

Dr John Laura Best advice ever
by joanburton in Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Laura & his team analyzed my needs and gave the THE best suggestions for treatments. I was very pleased with the results and the fact that they were so knowledgable about the treatments saved me time. I trust them to make the best decisions for me.

Dr John Laura Astonishing!!!
by Janel1 in Newport Beach, CA

I can say by personally seeing the results of E Matrix on my co-worker that Dr Laura is astonishing. She was back at work the same day and after a few days of some redness, her face is smoother than a babys bottom. Absolutely incredible! Her fine lines and discoloration are gone! I am looking forward to personally experiencingDr. Laura's botox treatments and EMatrix. This is a clear example of noninvasive cosmetic procedures!

Dr John Laura So Thrilled
by Tbone in Costa Mesa, CA

I have been going to Dr. Laura and his nurse Christina for over 4 years. The office is just as wonderful as the service you receive. Velashape, botox, fotofacial...I am thrilled with all my results. Dr. Laura is truly artistic and takes so much time with you...makes you feel so special!

Dr John Laura DK
by Timmy55 in Costa Mesa, CA

I've been a patient of Dr. Laura's for over 5 years. I have had fotofacials, refirme, dermal filler,lip plumping, botox, sclerotherapy, velashape and ematrix. I am very happy and satified with all of my procedures. The office atmosphere is so comfortable and inviting. They will make you feel at ease with any procedure. I'm over 50 but am often told that I look like I'm in my early 40's!!!! Its amazing. Thanks to Dr. Laura and Christina. Its a good alternative to keeping your face looking young and youthful without having to go under the knife. I recommend Dr. Laura & his team to anyone looking to fight the signs of aging. I just LOVE them!!!!

Dr John Laura Wow!!!
by john0077 in Newport Beach, CA

I am a new patient of Dr. Lauras that was recommended by a friend. She has raved about him for years and said that he has many male patients. I felt old and tired and wanted something to make me at least look rested. Within minutes of my consultation Dr. Laura had several recommendations and was able to stay within my budget. I had botox on my forehead and around my eyes. Then he used Radiesse under my eyes to help my dark circles. Wow!!!! Within days I felt like a new person...Thank you Dr. Laura. I should of listened to my friend a long time ago!!!!

Dr John Laura Want fresh new skin-try E Matrix!
by joanburton in Costa Mesa, CA

Dr. Laura performed E Matrix on me & I cannot believe how quickly I looked so much better. No real down time & wrinkles, scars & discoloration were gone. My skin looks so fresh. Thanks Dr. Laura. You did it again!

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