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1101 Bayside Dr
Newport Beach, CA,92660


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Cosmeticare is located in Newport Beach, CA


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Cosmeticare can be reached at 949‑718‑6900

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Cosmeticare A Better Botox Experience
by Michel70le in COSTA MESA, CA

I'm 46 and I'm an esthetician, so I wanted to treat myself and be a skincare example to my clients. The muscles in my face are very strong. The lines in my forehead, around my eyes, and in my lips have been deep from too much exposure to the sun at the beach as a teenager and from when I was a regular smoker. I've gotten Botox treatments before, and I'd almost written it off. Other practitioners I went to did odd things to my face. One time, my eye was drooping afterward. Another time, I thought it was good, because I didn't feel any pain, but the Botox didn't "take," probably because the practitioner never got the needle into the muscle. But Kat at CosmetiCare's MedSpa was amazing. She examined my face and muscles and understood that I didn't want the thicker lip look that is popular right now. I just wanted lines smoothed to look natural. I love the way it turned out. My face has softened and doesn't have that tough plastic post-Botox appearance. I know if I keep going back it's only

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