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Jenna Pietrowski at Ulta Beauty 949-548-4806
1080 Irvine Ave.
Newport Beach, CA,92660


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Jenna Pietrowski at Ulta Beauty 949-548-4806
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Jenna is a hair stylist at the James Albert Salon & Spa located in Newport Beach.  Jenna is always on the cutting edge of new styles, trends, and techniques. She will transform your hair while allowing your individual personality to shine through, and she recommends only quality products that will suit your specific hair type and style.  Jenna takes the time to discover your individual hair texture and thickness before recommending a particular style, and she always listens carefully to the wishes of his clients.  Jenna likes to create hairstyles that make people look and feel young and that are easy to care for.  She creates exceptional styles not only for women, but also for men.


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Jenna Pietrowski at Ulta Beauty 949-548-4806 can be reached at 949‑548‑4806

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Jenna Pietrowski at Ulta Beauty 949-548-4806 Beautiful Job!
by CorinSi in ORANGE, CA

Jenna was the first to color my virgin hair. After seeing her a few times, she has awesome color and her hair is sooo soft!! I knew I would be in good hands!! She has great style and it shows in my hair!! Thanks Jenna!

Jenna Pietrowski at Ulta Beauty 949-548-4806 watch out
by blondienani85 in NORCO, CA

Jenna ruined my hair it was super brassy and my layers weren't even. I had to have someone else fix it. save your money and go elsewhere.

Jenna Pietrowski at Ulta Beauty 949-548-4806 Beautiful
by cerickey in LAKE FOREST, CA

Jenna is a delightful and self-assured hair stylist. She colored and cut my drab hair and fashioned a hair style that was both elegant and practical. Jenna is easy to work with and has remarkable talent.

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