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Saatchi Jewelry
27001 La Paz Road, #112
Mission Viejo, CA,92692


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Saatchi Jewelry
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Joan burton

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Saatchi Jewelry is located in Mission Viejo, CA


Saatchi Jewelry has not updated this section.


Saatchi Jewelry can be reached at 949‑733‑0666

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Saatchi Jewelry Rex .Doherty is a lier and a thief
by fsaatchi in MISSION VIEJO, CA

He took over $10,000 from us, All paperwork and video recording with audio and he never gave us the Wase

Saatchi Jewelry Beware of Farid Saatchi
by reed2014 in IRVINE, CA

Farid Saatchi refuses to pay for valuable, antique vases put into his store on consignment for sale of a net of $3,000 to the owner.He no longer has the vases. He says that he does not know what happened to them. But, they were left in his care and keeping until sold.He is not an honest man!

Saatchi Jewelry Large selection, best prices
by joanburton in Costa Mesa, CA

Any brand watch I want, they will get it to me overnight-Rolex, Movado, Cartier, Hamilton, Seiko, Skagen & more. The prices are amazing! He also has an huge selection of gold, sterling, gemstones & diamonds.

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