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Margarita Cantina
1253 Barry Ave Apt 203
Los Angeles, CA,90025


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Margarita Cantina
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Margarita Cantina is located in Los Angeles, CA


Margarita Cantina has not updated this section.


Margarita Cantina can be reached at 310‑312‑0707

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Margarita Cantina Never Again - Not Trustworthy
by ajhewitson in SAN DIEGO, CA

We'll be hosting our 5th Annual Customer Appreciation Tailgate Party this year where we invite our top clients and prospects. Our 1st year we hosted 97 people but this year, we'll be hosting 750 customers. We worked out a "trade agreement" each year and everything has been just fine until this year. This event takes about 6 months to plan and since we host our top accounts, it's absolutely vital that everything goes off without a hitch. This year, just like each year in the past, we made our agreement and then about 3 weeks ago, Tomas wanted to renegotiate after they had already committed. I told them I would do my best to accommodate but it's pretty odd that they're trying to do this so late in the game. Today, I receive an email from Tomas that says they are cancelling on us. My event is coming up and now they've left us high and dry. I will NEVER do business with them again and will be sure to let all of our guests know what happened so they can avoid a similar experience.

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