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4019 Moore St
Los Angeles, CA,90066


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LAX CAR SERVICE is located in Los Angeles, CA


LAX CAR SERVICE has not updated this section.


LAX CAR SERVICE can be reached at 310‑821‑2552

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LAX CAR SERVICE pleasure working with you!
by GohaVaisburg in LOS ANGELES, CA

Lax Car Service thank you for all that you, your dispatcher, your drivers, your greeters, and anyone/everyone else behind the scenes did last week to ensure that all 21 of our guests were taken care of from the moment they landed in Los Angeles with their transport to the Hotel, their transportation to and from dinner, and their transport back to the airport for their departures. Everything went off without a hitch. Everyone was extremely pleasant, professional, and attentive to our every need. I had nothing but very positive feedback from everyone. - It certainly was a pleasure working with you, and I hope that we have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

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